Tips for Distance Learning

Create a daily schedule.

Try to stick to your normal routine as much as possible. Set a designated wake up time and decide on times for each class. Think about your typical school schedule and try to structure your day similarly.

Create a workspace that is not your bed!

It can be a desk, a table, or a space in your home that’s dedicated to your schoolwork and is as distraction-free as possible. Make it comfortable because you will be spending a lot of time there. Add a plant or two. Put some photos or a cool drawing up. Make it a place you love.

Get up and move in between classes.

It is even better if you can walk outside for a minute just for some fresh air. Do some jumping jacks or have a mini dance party–something to get your blood flowing. This will help to give you a burst of energy, wake up your body and brain, and get you ready to settle in for your next class.

Get dressed every day.

I know, I know–hanging out in your PJs all day sounds awesome but putting on some regular clothes helps us shift into a work mindset and be more productive.

General School Counseling Information and Virtual Learning Durig Covid19