Super Hero Scientists

Vice Principal Alex “Batman” Oge exciting the 5th grade students about the upcoming science expo and plans to make them Super Hero Scientists. For the next four weeks fifth grade students will have guest scientists conducting hands-on experiments and attend a science resource class each day. Gaines Academy is Powered Up about science!

Buddy Classes

Mrs. Ebersole’s 4th grade and Mrs. Eaker’s Kindergarten class met for the first time to introduce themselves to their new buddies. Students were given puzzle pieces that led them to their buddy when they found the match.  They then exchanged notes and got to know each other. Students from both classes are looking forward to…


Treasured Turtles

Rebecca and Cody Mott from the Inwater Research group conducted a Treasured Turtles program with Gaines Academy 6th grade science classes. The program engaged, educated and stimulated the students into thinking about the world of marine science and ocean conservation. The students especially enjoyed the hands-on artifacts and specimens.

SGA Habitat Explorers

Gaines Academy Kindergarten classes studied Habitats; Living and Non-Living, Plants and Animals.  Each class became an expert in their habitat and then created a mural depicting all that was learned.  As a culmination, the Kindergarten students traveled from habitat to habitat recording information.

Water Safety

On Thursday morning, our Kindergarten classes had a fun time learning about a serious topic, Water Safety. Mary Mitchell from Saint Lucie County Parks, Recreation and Facilities with assistance from our kindergarten teachers instructed our students in drowning awareness and prevention.


The month of February is dedicated to celebrating and honoring the many achievements and contributions made by African Americans to the economic, cultural and political development of America. On February 19th, Donna Washington joined Gaines Academy in celebrating African American culture through the art of storytelling. Ms. Washington is a renowned story teller and author…


8th grade Science Expo

On Thursday afternoon, Mr. MacKenzie’s classes participated in an 8th grade Science Fair. This event was to help the students understand peer reviews and see the various ways other students did their projects. On March 11th, 5th and 8th graders will be participating in a Science Expo. Science specialist from all over the county will…


Mini Showcase

Samuel S. Gaines Academy K-8 hosted an informal showcase for principals and members of their teams from across the district. Several of our outstanding teachers and students presented how they use Avid Strategies to increase student engagement: Socratic seminar, reciprocal teaching, student tutorial and student led conferences. The visitors were impressed with the high standard of SGA expectations.

1,000 Thank Yous

As part of our Attitude Of Gratitude month, Gaines Academy participated in We All Have a Voice’s 1,000 Thank Yous challenge. On Friday, February 12th, during writing time in elementary classes and during Success Scholar classes in Middle School, students wrote thank you cards to share their gratitude.  After all, a simple thank you goes a…