Professional Development is a vital part of the school culture at SLWK-8. Faculty and staff continually participate in multiple, on-site development, as well as other offerings within the district and state. For the past several years, our School Advisory Council (SAC) has sponsored professional book clubs where teachers, administrators and support staff have learned researach-based strategies, which were then applied to enhance student learning. Many teachers are members of national organizations which offer professional support to them. Our goal is to equip all teachers to enable students to learn in high quality, engaging settings.

Professional Development Initiatives:

  • Marzano Instructional Strategies
  • Thinking Maps
  • Lesson Study
  • Kagan Cooperative Learning
  • Technology
  • Literacy Strategies
  • Professional Learning Communities

OurLiteracy Council includes a diverse group of teachers representing all content areas. They are responsible for planning and sponsoring our annual Family Literacy Night where parents and children interact together with specific literacy activities. The Literacy Council was also responsible for initiating our annual golf tournament, which supplied classroom libraries for our students.

Literacy Council Initiatives:

  • Family Literacy Night
  • Classroom libraries
  • Strategies to enhance literacy instruction
  • Professional library