Welcome to Treasure Coast High School!

Treasure Coast High School (TCHS), founded during the 2006 – 2007 school year, is one of St. Lucie County’s most recent additions to the School District. The Class of 2008 was the first TCHS graduating class.

TCHS is the school home of approximately 2600 students, grades 9-12. It was established and structured utilizing the research and strategies presented in Breaking Ranks II: Strategies for Leading High School Reform, published by the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

Vision, Mission, and Beliefs

Our vision is grounded in a belief that any student can be successful during their high school experience when immersed in a caring, challenging, and relevant learning environment. The organizational structure of our school and numerous academic courses have been thoroughly researched and established based on Breaking Ranks II research. Our faculty and staff are selected based on their expertise and desire to help students succeed. It is our sole desire to witness the success of each student. Our pledge is to make sure each student at TCHS has a unique and fulfilling experience.


Our Academies, also known as small learning communities, are a research-based nationally accepted model for high schools. They allow students to choose an area of interest and to be scheduled into their classes with students of similar interests.

Students can choose career and technical courses that provide exploration and development of skills and expertise in a career area. In addition, students may select from a wide array of courses in the Global Community. Regardless of choice, all students may take honors and Advanced Placement courses. Students may also take AICE courses, if qualified.

Senior options will provide opportunities for dual enrollment, early college admission, paid and unpaid internships, and planning for post-secondary education is an integral part of the process.