The Explorer Academy is the Sophomore Class of TCHS.

During the 10th grade year, students have an opportunity to take Career Technical Electives or classes in other areas of interest. Students start to explore possible career pathways.

Students will be placed onto teams. Each team consists of four teachers that share a common group of students in Math, Science, English and Social studies. Teaming allows teachers to better know their students and plan lessons or units that integrate the curriculum to increase student performance. Students will leave their team during the day to attend their electives.

Our mission is to build a vision of success in students and foster leaders in the community. Students in the Explorer Academy will be provided with a safe and supportive learning environment where teachers create purposeful lessons that are challenging, engaging and technologically driven, that will motivate learners to take pride and ownership in their accomplishments.

Explorer Academy Goals

  • Students will improve performance on FCAT testing (reading, math, writing)
  • Students will continue to 11th grade with 11 or more credits
  • Student will maintain 95% attendance or higher
  • Students will maintain a 2.5 grade point average or higher