During all three years of this academy, attendance is crucial and will make or break personal success. While assisting a teacher at Treasure Coast High School (TCHS), the teacher you are assisting will evaluate your performance. Each year you will have hands-on experience in developing lesson plans and presenting those lessons to the class in which you assist.

First Year Teacher Assisting

The first year of teacher assisting includes: the history of education in America, applicable math skills, effective use of technology, MS Office Suite, current trends in education, classroom management skills and techniques, lesson planning and familiarization with state standards.

Second Year Teacher Assisting

During the second year, training will begin by building on the skills learned in the first year of the program. Test administration, understanding classroom diversity, health and safety in education, practical classroom experience, computer applications help to make up some of the additional training that the student learns in year two.

Third Year Teacher Assisting

During the third year of the program, the TA will review lessons learned in the two years prior and further build on inter-personal communication, continue with practical classroom applications, and presentation skills, as well as begin exploring career opportunities and paths toward furthering educational goals after high school.

Completed Program

Upon completion of the TA program, students will be eligible for the “Promise is a Promise” program which guarantees employment in Saint Lucie County if the student pursues a degree in education. Students may also earn college credits toward their degree in education.

Students in the second, third, and fourth year of the program have an opportunity to teach lessons in real world settings as well as assist elementary children with reading and classroom projects under the supervision of teaching professionals.