12/11/2019: To Mr. Scott, “Mr. Scott is always so friendly and welcoming in the halls. I love running into him around campus! Thanks for being such a positive light!”- Lauren Alvarez

11/15/2019: To Daphline Joseph, “This is a huge thank you to Daphline for covering my class yesterday afternoon when I had to leave for a doctor’s appointment!!”- Zoie Griffiths

11/8/2019: To Laurie Madden, “Watching Laurie take care of a very sick child on a recent field trip was touching and a great reminder of why we all got into this field. She took care of the child like he was her own, all while keeping the field trip on track and maintaining a smile”

11/7/2019: To Kelly Kirk, “I went to the Halloween volleyball game and was so impressed by the great sportsmanship displayed by the girls on all three teams. The way they celebrate their teammates success & encourage them when things don’t go their way was refreshing & inspiring. Thank you for being such a positive role model for our middle school girls!”- Lauren Alvarez

10/31/2019: To Ms. Rivas, Ms. Griffiths, Ms. Small, and Mr. Scott, “We would like to give them a HUGE shout-out for being so FLEXIBLE with their schedule and allowing the SEL survey to be taken during their classes!”- Stephanie DeVries and Kelly Avilla

10/18/2019: To Carly Branning, Thank you so much for helping with sub plans and collecting money for Tallahassee while I was out. You ROCK!”- Lauren Kappler

10/11/2019:To Sam Bowman, “Thank you for always having a smile in the hall when our classes pass each other… it’s refreshing to see it. ‘A warm smile is the universal language for kindness.’”- Kelsey Corrigan

10/11/2019: To Dawn Miller, “Thank you for always being so kind in all of our interactions.  Your positive presence is refreshing!”- Jesse Smith

10/11/2019: To Stephanie Devries, “Thank you for always being willing to listen and help me grow!”- Jesse Smith

10/4/2019: To Wendi Todd, “Thank you for always being ready to take action and doing so efficiently. I know if I need something done, I can always go to you!”- Jesse Smith

10/3/2019: To Mary Voorhees, “Mary has shown me how to set up and monitor my class using Canvas. I could not have succeeded using this program without her help. Thanks Mary!”- Kim Gallagher

10/3/2019: To Mary Moreira, “Thank you Mary for being such an awesome 8th grade Team Leader! You are so efficient and always thinking even when I know you think you are not. You are doing a great job! I look forward to your smile in the morning and I love having you as my neighbor.”- Deborah Schremmer

10/3/2019: To Jessica McLaughlin, “Mrs. McLaughlin is always trying to find new ways to teach her 7th grade students how to enhance their essays. For this I thank her because her students always come to me prepared for the next step in writing. She is a team player and I can always count on her to make me laugh and smile. Gotta love her!”- Deborah Schremmer

10/3/2019: To Barbara Mackie-Solberg and Courtney Kline, “Thank you for always giving me practical advice about teaching and life in general. Don’t know where I would be without you two!”- Jesse Smith

10/2/2019: To Deborah Schremmer, “Deb has been incredibly helpful during my first few months here at WGK8! She is so kind, understanding, and patient. She is always willing to help me whenever, wherever – no questions asked! I am so grateful to have been paired with her as my counterpart in 8th grade Language Arts. I sincerely thank you, Deb, for your help, consideration, and for always sharing a kind smile!”- Bailey Swager

10/2/2019: To Abrams, Madden, Kaste, “They continually teach hands-on Science lessons!”- Courtney Kline

10/1/2019: To Lauren Alvarez, “Thank you for being an amazing team leader and math partner! You make it easy for me to come to work because we work so good together!”- Barbara Mackie-Solberg

10/1/2019: To David Nash, “being a “tree lover” and carrying buckets of water out to the tree in the front area :-)”- Janet Brewi

10/1/2019: To Deborah Schremmer, “Thank you for the support and suggestions for managing our more lively students :)”- Carly Branning

10/1/2019: To Mary Moreira, Lauren Kappler, “Thank you for all of your help and collaboration on content, working with the students and learning the ways of WG K-8, I look forward to our meetings every 4th hour monitoring the hallway :)”- Carly Branning

10/1/2019: To Sean Lynch, Monique Rivas, Jessica McLaughlin, “Thank you for being so supportive, answering all of my West Gate questions and making me feel welcome!! :)”- Carly Branning

9/30/2019: To Emily Ruck, “thank you for being you. I know I need a lot of help in third grade and math, and you are always open to assisting me. My experience in a new grade wouldn’t be the same without your support”- Kelsey Corrigan