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Lushbaugh and Madden! 😉My team is always there ready to help with whatever! But today when I realized I had forgotten a much needed snack and cried out in frustration with fear of ultimate starvation they came to the rescue once againand food appeared mysteriously on my desk! Thank you Lushbaugh and Madden! 😉Deborah Abrams
The Entire Calvo FamilyThe entire Calvo family helped me bring all of my stuff into school. It was so appreciated! Thank you all!Kim Gallagher
Ms. Stephanie (works In Cafeteria)I would like to acknowledge Ms.Stephanie she works in the cafeteria, she has impacted my daughter Makenzie in such a great way. She encouraged her during the FSA with her kind words daily- she knew Makenzie was nervous and was always boosted her up!
So amazing! Goes to show how all school workers impact our children. Thank you again!
Mr. NashWe are so thankful Emma has such an amazing teacher! Thank you for all your hard work every day, it doesn't go unnoticed!!Kristine Montesino
Kristin WetherallI just want to say thank you to Kristin for always being there for the kiddos, through the years. She was my son's teacher in the 1st grade. He is now in 4th grade and she continues to help him in his studies. Teacher's like Kristin are 1 in a million! She is a prime example of what a teacher should be. She is caring, understanding, patient, and well rounded! We couldn't ask for more! We love you, Mrs. Wetherall!!!!Dora Jordan
Mrs. AbramsMrs. ABRAMS IS MY sons 2nd grade teacher! She truly is an amazing educator and an awesome person. She goes above and beyond for her students. I am very lucky to have her as my sons teacher!Vanessa nieves
Jessica Front OfficeFirst Impression is everything! I want to give a shout out to Jessica who works in the front office. My daughter hasn't been attending Westgate for long but as a new parent she has made our transition smooth. She's always very kind, patient, very thorough and knowledgeable regarding the school, teachers and staff. Whenever I speak with Jessica I leave knowing my child is in a Great school with Great people and that Jessica cares about the students and where she works. Thanks for always being so kind and pleasant to speak with Jessica.Linda McCullough
Mrs. MillerMrs. Miller has done a wonderful job welcoming our baby girl into the new world of school. We could not be happier about the joy, and never ending stories, about our daughters first day!

Thank you
Keith Leofanti
Mrs. JinesI just wanted to say thank you for being such a positive person and showing nothing but love. You truly are a leader and an amazing teacher!

Vanessa nieves
Megan AllcroftThank you for all your help, especially with the tech items.Mrs. Manning
Katie SwissIn my book, Katie Swiss is a hero! I watched her assess a potentially life-threatening situation in the cafeteria, and she stayed calm, focused, and loving all at the same time!! I am so grateful she was there to help my student in a very scary situation! Thank you for all that you do for everyone at West Gate! You are a wonderful addition to our family!!Emily Ruck
Kara WatkinsThank you for being such a supportive coworker and an even better co-teacher. I am thankful everyday that I have to help me mold the minds of OUR little friends.Natalie Collis
Lisa HamiltonThank you for being the best reading partner and making all my copies!!! Love you 🙂Jessica Berggren
Melissa OsbornThanks for always helping when and where needed. I know you get a billion calls a day but you ALWAYS answer your phone with a smile in your voice. Thanks for making every day a bit better!!!!Jenifer Saxton
Mr. SnydersJust want to say how AWESOME Mr. Snyders is! He has been so helpful and a necessary addition in the classroom. The kids love working with him and learn so much. Thank you!!!Mrs. Seefried
Mrs. JethroeWe would like to thank you for all your hard work preparing meals for our GEERS tutoring program. Thank you for caring about our students and going that extra step. We really appreciate you! Today the students were very excited about getting their dinner! They loved the pizza:)Dawn Mealing
Coach HarmonThank you for making virtual PE a fun and engaging class!Victoria Randolph
Regina Tapanes, Sharon Perkins, Carolyn Jones, and Sharon HankinsThank you for ALWAYS having my back and helping out when I need you. I appreciate you more than you know!Melissa Osborn
4th Grade TeamThank you for your help today! You guys are amazing!Melissa Osborn
5th Grade TeamThank you for having my back! I appreciate the creative ways you help make things work! You guys are rock stars!Melissa Osborn
2nd Grade TeamThank you for your flexible and help over the last few days! It meant the world to me. You guys are amazing!Melissa Osborn
Ms. LushbaughThank you for all of your hard work!!Amy Montabana
Ms. MaddenThank you for all that you do!!Amy Montabana
Mrs. WetherallThank you so much for helping first grade with our computers! We appreciate all you do:)Dawn Mealing
AdministrationWatching the news yesterday opened what was possibly my grandson's first civics lesson. He mentioned that in the morning the class doesn't recite the pledge allegiance to the flag. Something about not receiving announcements. As a veteran and an American I find this unacceptable. I'm sure the teacher can lead this with or without announcements.David S Beck
Lisa KeoughThank you for all you do! You are the most amazing multi-tasker I have ever seen!! We are truly blessed to have you in your front office!!Micki Field
Jessica YerkThank you for all you do! I appreciate all your hard work and this school is truly blessed to have you in the front office!!Micki Field
Katherine PriceThank you for all your hard work and very long hours, devoted to our school. You are amazing!!!Micki Field
Nikki PattersonThanks for jumping in and being such a team player. You have added so much to our 3rd Grade Team with your creative talents, your wonderful sense of humor, and your kindness. Thank you for all you do, not only for 3rd Grade, but for all of West Gate.Natalie Collis
Jennifer Saxton - clinicTHANK YOU for all that you do on an ongoing daily, hectic, crazy, infectious day! Your pleasant, upbeat attitude is greatly appreciated.Linda Granfield
Carly BranningYou are the best partner in crime I could ask for! I love how effortless you make it to work together. Thank you for all of your awesome ideas.Lauren Kappler
Ms. VoorhessThank you for being a great pod mate and helping me solve problems when they come up. It has been so amazing having you back up here!Lauren Kappler
Ms. Moreira and Ms. RivasThank you both for being so amazing and be such great leaders for our 7th and 8th grade teams!!Lauren Kappler
West GateEveryone did a beautiful job decorating there hallways. I love seeing all the different ideas everyone came up with.Therese Calvo
2nd Grade Team - Madden, Faniel, Kaste, Lushbaugh, Weathers, AbramsGreat job with your CLP meeting! It was productive and inspiring. Keep up the momentum! 🙂Melissa Hutchings
Jessica BerggrenThank you so much for helping to facilitate the second grade CLP meeting. Your experiences and contributions are much appreciated!Melissa Hutchings
All StaffA shout out to everyone who has participated in decorating the school. It all looks amazing! As we walk around and see the spirit of the season it bring so many smiles to our Mustang family. We hope this also brings daily cheer to each of you.Kristi Parker
Courtney KlineThank you for always trying to remain positive and keeping our grade group going! You have been so on top of things and great at communicating all information we need!Sherry Vasquez
SolbergThank you for keeping up the holiday spirit and being so dedicated to decorating our hallway! We couldn't have done it without you!Sherry Vasquez
Barbara Mackie-SolbergYou have been working your JINGLE BELLS off on this hallway. It looks absolutely fantastic. I would like to thank you MERRY much for all your hard work.Christopher Calvo
The entire 4th grade team!The 4th grade team always picks their class up on time and they always come with a positive attitude (and I think they are smiling). They really seem like a tight-knit group!Coach Carroll
Coach BThank you Coach B for being vigilant keeping the safety of our campus in mind at all times!Katie Swiss
Ms. HackettThank you for being YOU!! I love our chats and have learned so much from you!!Kara Watkins
Ms. ManningI love your morning positivity and that you say hello to all students that come into the building. It's a great way to start the day!Kara Watkins
Mrs. FanielThank you for always going above and beyond for your class! It is GREATLY appreciated and we love you for it!Kara Watkins
Coach Harmon & Coach BShout out to the PE sisters for drying Leo's wet clothes at school on Tuesday!! You both saved his day and ours!Toni Baptiste
Melissa OsbourneYou are awesome! Thanks for always trying to help make things a little easier.Natalie Collis
Mrs. ParkerI just want to send a shout out to Mrs. Parker for allowing me to teach from home. I really appreciate you looking out for my family and my children. These are crazy times and things are so different in the teaching world. Thank you for helping with this transition.Christopher Calvo
Sharon PerkinsMrs. Perkins,
Thank you so much for always being willing to help! You always have our backs in the Deans' Office and we really appreciate you! Thank you for always doing whatever needs to be done. We appreciate you so much!
Wendi Todd
Amy ClementzAmy Clementz is AMAZING!!! She has been instrumental in posting all of our PBIS Holiday Shop information. She posts it at night, during the day, and the weekend! Whenever I email or text her she is always happy to help and I appreciate her so much! Thank you Amy for all you do!Wendi Todd
Jennifer HarrisThank you for always going over and beyond! Your positivity and caring personality is greatly appreciated during these tough times. I appreciate all that you do for our community and your little village.Mrs. Parker
Kristin WeatherallThank you for allowing me to use the IPEVO in my classroom. Thank you for helping me straighten out my TEAMS classes. You are awesome.Mrs. Manning
Regina Tapanes, Isable Tapanes, Micki Field, Michelle DeArce, and Ms. KayThank you for all your hard work out at Parent Drop Off- nothing stops you ladies from getting our students into school safely...not even torrential downpours!Katie Swiss
Mrs Lushbaugh , Mrs Downing and mrs Mealing 🌷🌷A shout out to all of West Gate Teaches.
Thanks for hard work🌷❤
Yvette Tenord
Debbie Hackett and Evelyn StoverThank you for providing our department with yummy snacks and decadent chocolates, to help us get through the day! It was a huge "pick me up"!Jaime Nelson
3rd Grade Team and Westgate StaffI would just like to take the time to let the third grade team know how grateful and thankful I am for all of their help. Going from being in different classrooms to being in one classroom with all the responsibilities of a teacher can definitely be overwhelming at times, especially with all the other hurls going on in schools today. A big thank you to Ms. Bowman for being here all day long and willing to help no matter what. I would also like to thank all staff and teachers a Westgate, as I walk in the halls people are always saying if you need help just let me know, I am so grateful to have all of you here by my side.Ms. Niki
Jen Harris, Marta Almiron, Dawn Miller, Irma Godoy, and Anita DowningA special shout out to my K team! Thanks for sharing your amazing ideas and making every day fun! I love you girls! 🙂Michelle Smith
Janice JamesThank you for all your hard work in the classroom! I wouldn't know what to do without you! You are the best. 🙂Heather Wagner
Kristin WetherallThank you so much for all of your hard work with setting up laptops and helping our virtual kids set up for the upcoming APM tests!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!Barbara Mackie-Solberg
Barbra Mackie-SolbergThank you so much for all your help while I’m out! I couldn’t do it without you!!!!Lauren Alvarez
Victoria RandolphMrs. Randolph is always going above and beyond to help out me and the students! We love having you in our classroom everyday. Thanks for all you do. You are a beam of light and positivity!Bailey Swager
West Gate FamilyYou are all AWESOME! It doesn’t matter where you came from. All that matters is where you are going.”- Brian Tracy. Keep going and going and going..........! Love you guys!Stephanie Porter
Ms. HankinsI'd like to thank Ms. Hankins in assisting me with the one to one laptop distribution. There is a lot of behind the scenes work that needs to be done before laptops end up in the hands of the students and Ms. Hankins has been so helpful in making this process run a lot quicker. Thank you for such great help.Kelly Avilla
Kristin WetherallI'd like to thank Ms. Wetherall for helping out all our students trouble shooting their laptops. Ms. Wetherall has been such a helping hand figuring out tricks that allow the students to program their laptops successfully.
Any time I ask her to help out she is always more than willing to assist. She is also helping out the 5th grade virtual students in downloading the FSA browser so they will be ready to take the new APM test with their teachers. THANK YOU MS. WETHERALL.
Kelly Avilla
Katie Swiss and Wendi ToddThank you for all of your support and ALWAYS being there:)Barbara Mackie-Solberg
Mrs. LushbaughI give a shout to Mrs. Lushbaugh!!! I am so happy to say that due to this craziness of COVID-19! I have my child in virtual school! It’s been a test as a parent but Mrs. Lushbaugh has been a blessing to my Joshua . She has a positive attitude all the time !Rosita Diaz
Miss Garth and Mrs. DemetThank you for helping me with my work this year! You are the best!!Leah Lankow
Mrs. HarrisThank you for being such a positive influence in our daughters life! She loves school and is excited for it everyday when we drop her off and you play a huge part in that.Jamie
Ms. HarrisWe would like to give a shout out to Ms. Harris for going above and beyond and being a wonderful kindergarten teacher to our daughter Allie! Thank you for all that you do! We appreciate you!Brittney harrison
Miss.MillerYou were an amazing Kindergaten teacher Thank you so much for caring about me ❤️Sophia solomon
Mrs.PalmerYour an amazing teacher I’m happy to be in your class and being apart of the super kids club and your always so encouraging Thank youSophia Solomon
Natalie CollisHi Mrs. Collis! Thank you so much for teaching my son, Brody Brown during this trying time. I appreciate you more than you know. Jennifer BrownJennifer Brown
Ms. HarrisI couldn’t ask for a better kindergarten teacher for my son! He absolutely adores her and has learned so much already. Thank you so much for all that you do. It truly is appreciated and we love you!!Megan zieglar
Ms. MaddenThank you for all of your support and patience during virtual learning! Evan is blessed to have you as a teacher!Amy Montabana
Mrs KlineFrom the beginning of school she has been the most communicative teacher I’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting with. Her use of the Remind app allows me to stay up to date with the class and she always responds quickly to any questions I have. Thank you Mrs Kline for all you do to support Eli!Laurie Wilson
Ms YoungMy son unfortunately was quarantined due to COVID. She effortlessly transitioned him to online classes and kept in constant contact with us to make sure we were able to get everything we needed. She has been amazing throughout this year and I appreciate all the hard work she puts into teacher my son.Laurie Wilson
Mrs. BuehrigThank you Mrs. Buehrig for being such a strong, bright, inspiring force in our 1st graders’ lives! You’re amazing!Deranda Gomes (Drea Fuller 1stgrade)
Ms Demet and Ms GarthCongrats to a well deserved teacher of the year Ms Garth!! Thank you for your hard work!

Ms Demet “is an amazing teacher who is helping me learn a lot just because of her!” -Thomas
Christine Pacey
Mrs.AlvarezThnkyou for being such an informative, involved and caring teacher. We really appreciate you taking the time out for the kidsTOKEN STORR
Mr.CalvoThankyou for always keeping Darchae Storr and her class mates entertained in their studies by being so animated and using play with them. Really appreciated.Token Storr
Mrs.HarrisTHANKYOU FOR BEING SUCH A PATIENT AND DILIGENT TEACHER. Everyday River comes home excited to tell me about his day with you and his classmates. And always express something new he learned with the family.Token storr
Ms. Lisa, Resource Officer, and CustodianMy Son lost his bag that had his favorite sneakers inside. So thankful these staff members helped locate it!!! We truly appreciate all of you!!!Jennifer Anagnostu
Ms.AlmironShe is such a friendly sweet teacher!! She is so patient with Brayden!!Kari cravens
Mrs. DemetI would like to give a shout to Mrs. Demet for being a wonderful teacher who give her students amazing science and math experiences! She is a positive partner teacher and brings joy to our pod for just being who she is! Thank you Mrs. Demet for being an awesome neighbor!!Dana Garth
Jennifer SaxtonJennifer, I would like to give you a special shout out for greeting the staff in the morning with your thermometer and great "BIG SMILE" . Your pleasant attitude should make everyone have a great day. Thank you again for being so nice and pleasant.Sabrina Faniel
Jessica YerkCongratulation on becoming school related employee of the year. You totally deserve it. You are always going out of your way to help everyone. You are always so kind to all the staff, kids and the parents. Thanks for being amazing JessJenifer Saxton
Calvo (do you have a first name?)Thank you for wearing a shark suit to school. You have always made my day at work better.Skurnick
Jesse SmithThank you for making the submit button the shout outs say "spread positivity." You are awesome!Jen Skurnick
Courtney KlineThank you for being an awesome grade chair! I appreciate all of your hard work.Jen Skurnick
Kristin WeatherallThank you for helping me organize my TEAMS classes. You are awesome!Carla Manning
Kelly AvillaFor teaching the AMP class everyday while she has so many other things on her plate. I had the pleasure of listening to her instruction on vacation while Eli took her class. She is so enthusiastic and her teaching is too notch.Courtney Kline
Jesse SmithThank you for being someone I can talk to and having my back.Courtney Kline
Joseph KlineThank you for stepping in and helping the sub with my class.Courtney Kline
Courtney CollinsThank you for being a go getter on the team and willing to go with the flow and help out wherever needed! You rock!Courtney Kline
Kara WatkinsThank you for being my person! I love you!Victoria Randolph
SeefriedSpecial shout out to Seefried for being so flexible throughout the week and for always making me laugh! Thanks for being so amazing!Toni Baptiste
Chris CalvoI just wanted to give a quick shout out to Mr. Calvo. Thank you for always having a smile on your face and giving your all!! Thank you for making learning fun and loving our students!! You are awesome!Ashlen Smith
Jesse SmithThank you to Jesse Smith for working so hard! You are an amazing teacher and you always go above and beyond!! 🙂Ashlen Smith
Ms. Monti and Ms. WubkerThank you both so much for all of your virtual help! I appreciate you both beyond words!Heidi Goldberg
Jesse SmithJesse SmithJesse Smith