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2013-2014 school calendar

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Lakewood Park Elementary New Dress Code

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LWPE Dress Code Policy flyer 2013-14[1]

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Important School Events and Dates:


                      LAKEWOOD PARK ELEMENTARY

                            IS A KIDS AT HOPE SCHOOL

To find out more about Kids at Hope go to

Lakewood Park Elementary


Helping children Learn

HCL-Elementary-English May 2014

Planner-Elementary-English May 2014

Yearbooks are for SALE, $15.00 each.  Get yours while they last, only 40 left!!!

Early Dismissal June 2, 3, and 4th

Have a wonderful summer and READ!  READ! 

and work MATH


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The Falcon Find Website

Click and enjoy The Falcon Find Website


Thanks to  Rachel Alexander for the many hours of time and talent she has invested to develop such a wonderful webquest for all of our young Falcons.  What an exciting way to encourage reading in a world driven by technology.

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Loving the lagoon

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Manatee eating elephant ears on Ten Mile Creek, Fort Pierce Florida.

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Reading with your child

Mount Rushmore

If you travel, have your child research where you are going, list places of interest and facts about it, and map out the route.

  • Try using a camera to record what you are doing and create your own personal video journal using Movie Maker!  It comes free with Service Pack 2 on all PCs or iMovie for Macs.
  • Want to create something interesting?  Check out Google’s Sketchup!  You can create your own house or city.
  • Wanting to travel the world but can’t get away?  Why not see where Google Earth can take you!  The National Geographic photographs and articles will keep you busy for weeks, not to mention looking at your own house from a satellite’s viewpoint!
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