Apr 4, 2014

FCAT testing schedule

Monday April 14                  3rd, 4th , 5th  6th grade Reading & 7th and 8th grade Math
Tuesday April 15                 3rd , 4th, 5th  6th grade Reading & 8th grade Science
Wednesday April 16           3rd, 4th Math,  5th Science, 7th grade Reading
Thursday April 17               3rd, 4th Math,  5th Science,7th grade Reading

Monday April 21                 8th reading,7th  grade Reading( 504, ESE, ESOL)
Tuesday April 22                8th  Reading   ,7th  grade Reading( 504, ESE, ESOL)
Wednesday April 23            5th grade Math
Thursday April 24                5th grade Math
Friday April 25                       6th grade Math

Monday April 28                  5th and 6th grade Math (504, ESOL)  8th grade Reading (ESE)
Tuesday April 29                 5th  grade Math (504, ESOL)  8th grade Reading (ESE)



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Dec 20, 2013

The Westgate Annual Holiday Parade

SONY DSCIt’s become a tradition.  Each year the entire school  meets in the school parking lot for our Holiday Parade.  Our marching band and chorus  entertain the students, but Santa is always the hit of the show.

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Dec 18, 2013

All Aboard the Polar Express

Mr. Calvo’s  third graders travel to the North Pole during their studies of  The Polar Express. Along with the fun of sitting in the famous train, listening to the story and enjoying hot chocolate, the student’s literacy lessons include vocabulary words, a comprehensions study and comparing and contrasting the movie and the book.  Conductor Calvo knows how to make learning fun.SONY DSC


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Oct 29, 2013

Honor Students

Look what Mr. Edgecombe and Mrs. LaSasso’s Honors students have been up to.

Students use proportions to solve indirect measurement by measuring their shadows to find actual measures of various objects around campus that aren’t easily measurable. (Trees, Flag pole, etc…)
photo 3

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Oct 18, 2013

Westgate Art Students Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month

Mrs. Palmer’s Elementary Art Classes, were busy preparing for Westgate’s Hispanic Heritage Festival. All the first through third graders made Aztec crowns to celebrate the culture of Hispanic nations. Art students learned about line and pattern, how to string beads, and IMG_0135how to  apply feathers to paper.  The halls of  Westgate were adorned with Talavera Lizards and Geometric Jaguars, bringing the art culture of Hispanic nations to life.

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Oct 8, 2013

Westgate Second Grade Scientists

20130926_111610Second graders in Ms. Schumacher’s class explored apples this month using the scientific method. As scientists, they posed several questions they wanted answers to, and generated hypothesis. After gathering the necessary materials, they went to work in the classroom and the science lab to find out if their work supported their hypothesis. After the investigations were over, they wrote conclusions and shared their findings with each other. Mrs. Brewi, a middle school science teacher, even had her students come and ask the scientists questions about their work!
Submitted by Ms. Schummacher
2nd grade

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Sep 26, 2013

2nd Grade Investigates Spiders

151102...Jayden Soto, Jourdan Bell and Tamas AmbrusOur class hit the books and the web to learn a little more about spiders this week. After reading Diary of a Spider by Doreen Cronin, we read several informational texts. Then, as teams, we took a “sticky” topic to research on our own.

Jayden Soto, Jourdan Bell, and Tamas Ambrus are working together on the group project. The students used what they learned about spiders to create their own spider, design its web, and add adjectives about their spider, (just like Charlotte does in Charlotte’s Web)


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