As fashion trends change, the administration of Dan McCarty School reserves the right to make all final decisions regarding any dress code policies.


Students are required to wear DM spirit t-shirts every day.  This can include any Dan McCarty related shirt – Kids at Hope, Step Team, NJHS, Band, Chorus, etc.  Shirts are sold for $8.00 in the Main Office. T-shirts must be tucked in.


Students may wear shorts (except gym shorts), skirts, and dresses that extend beyond the fingertips. Graphics may be no larger than pocket-sized. No purposely or fashionably frayed clothing is permitted on campus.


Students may wear shoes with back or back strap.  All straps/laces must be properly fastened. Students may not wear bedroom slippers, flip-flops, or Croc-like shoes.


Students may wear earrings in ears only. Excessive, distractive, or hazardous jewelry or accessories including dog collars, grills, chains, long beaded necklaces, or body piercings other than the ears are not to be worn.


NOT Allowed

  • Clothing with : profanity, sexual references, alcohol/tobacco/drug reference, or messages or symbols of intimidation/violence
  • Tube tops, tank tops, spaghetti straps, bare midriff, muscle shirts, halters, backless, sleeveless, see through or suggestive clothing
  • Hats, caps, visors; wearing hoods of jackets, sweaters, shirts, etc. on the head
  • Clothing with rips, tears, frays may not be worn even is skin is not visible.
  • Pants, shorts, skirts worn below the hips; Skin tight/spandex clothing; Exposed undergarments
  • Distracting or unnatural hair colors and extreme haircuts or designs
  • Sunglasses
  • Tag rags, bandannas, sweat bands or any gang related apparel
  • Hoodies/sweaters without a full zip front
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