Principal- Latricia Stubbs-James

Dan McCarty is a learning community of excellence designed to combine the knowledge, creativity, and ability of every child to produce positive, contributing members of their community for a lifetime. Each student is given challenging, engaging, and meaningful educational opportunities that will lead to the development for each to become a productive citizen in a democratic society. With the active participation of all stakeholders, Dan McCarty will achieve excellence for all.


To support the achievement of all students – no exceptions, the Dan McCarty School infuses high academic expectations with high standards for citizenship and the belief that all children are capable of success. The staff, students, and educational partners continue to grow through belief systems such as Kids at Hope and academic models including curriculum-based focus calendars, Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures, and Thinking Maps. Each child’s success is monitored via on-going school-based mini-assessments in conjunction with district-based benchmarks as well as state assessment standards.










Assistant Principal- Terrance Barriner










Assistant Principal- Jesús R. Rivera Martínez


Executive Secretary- Ami Dadd