Upload PDFs

PDF files uploaded here are permanent resources, meaning that once you add a document, you then have a permanent link to that document and can upload updates to that specific document as needed.  For example: create a “Dress Code” and upload your current dress code. Later when you need to update it, you just come back here and upload the updated file! Very easy and all your document links stay the same, so you don’t need to edit the links on your site!


  • Use generic names!  Please upload documents with GENERIC NAMES.  Names will be forever, so if you use dates in your names, your document will forever have the date in the name.  The embed page will have the date of the document and the date it was last edited.  It also has a space for a description, so if there is any working you want to accompany your document, you can place it there.
  • To get the link for the document with the fancy embed, click “View Page”.  This is the page for your document, and what you would link to on your website 🙂