Each Child, Every Day!

Fairlawn Elementary Magnet School is a school designed to provide students with a high-quality academically focused educational environment within the St. Lucie County School System. The core business of Fairlawn Elementary Magnet School is to create challenging, engaging, and satisfying work for each student, every day.
Fairlawn is organized to provide a structured and stimulating learning environment. All personnel share the responsibility for student success. Lessons are designed to encourage students to use knowledge to solve problems rather than passively absorb information. Classroom activities prepare students for success in an information-based society.

Fairlawn faculty and staff are committed to creating a welcoming, friendly, family-centered environment. This partnership connects the school with the family and community through ongoing needs-based workshops and other community outreach programs. Community resources are tapped to gain support for the success of each student. Varied activities and celebrations are continuous to encourage parent/family involvement. Families, schools, community agencies, and the school district must work as a team in a collegial and collaborative atmosphere to provide for the emotional, intellectual, physical, and psychological needs of each child.