Pride makes the Difference!

Fort Pierce Central is an educational community in which students, teachers, staff, and parents strive for excellence. The pursuit of excellence is clearly evident on a daily basis as our instructional leaders present dynamic lessons in a highly structured learning environment. Our teachers’ dedication and professionalism facilitate the acquisition of skills necessary for our students to be successful and demonstrate independence. Although academic achievement is our primary goal, we also are a center of “Cobra Pride.”

Cobra Pride is characterized by an intense desire to work collectively toward a common goal. This is extremely apparent in all settings as our students demonstrate a sense of self-respect and composure which is unparalleled in our county. Our student athletes, extracurricular clubs, and academic foundations routinely excel in local and state competitions. In every avenue, they unmistakably showcase their Cobra Pride as true ambassadors of Fort Pierce Central.



Mission Statement

Fort Pierce Central High School educators, parents, and business partners are dedicated to providing a safe environment with challenging, academic and career opportunities.  Teachers will engage students in a variety of instructional approaches necessary for students to become self-directed, social lifelong learners, and successful members of the community.