Title I Information

Welcome Cobra Families!

On this page, you will find documents and resources related to the Title I Program at Fort Pierce Central High School, including our School Improvement Plan, Parent and Family Engagement Plan, and the Parent-School Compact. In addition to English, documents have been translated into Spanish and Haitian Creole for your convenience.

Our goal is to keep you informed on what is happening in your child’s education while maintaining a robust and reciprocal partnership to support your child’s academic success.

Have questions or comments? Want to get involved?

For more information and opportunities, email our Parent and Family Engagement Liaison Katie Avra, Katherine.Avra@stlucieschools.org, or consider joining SAC, our School Advisory Council, look for Parent-Family Surveys on this page, and follow Cobra Nation on social media.

Greetings Cobra Families,

Here at Cobra Nation, we have experienced a tremendous first semester! We want to thank all of our families for supporting our students as they continue learning and growing.

To continue our good work together, we invite you to fill out this 7-question survey regarding your date/time preferences as well as activity and events that would benefit your student and your family. Your time and input are important to us. We want to hear from you! Your response is respectfully requested by December 1st.

Thank you for your continued support and being a part of the Cobra Community.


Saludos familias Cobra,

¡Aquí en Cobra Nation, hemos experimentado un primer semestre tremendo! Queremos agradecer a todas nuestras familias por apoyar a nuestros estudiantes mientras continúan aprendiendo y creciendo.

Para continuar nuestro buen trabajo juntos, lo invitamos a completar esta encuesta de 7 preguntas sobre sus preferencias de fecha y hora, así como actividades y eventos que beneficiarían a su estudiante y su familia. Su tiempo y aportes son importantes para nosotros. ¡Queremos escuchar de ti! Se solicita respetuosamente su respuesta antes del 1 de diciembre.


Gracias por su continuo apoyo y por ser parte de la Comunidad Cobra.


Bonjou Fanmi Cobra,
Isit la nan Cobra Nation, nou te fè eksperyans yon premye semès fòmidab! Nou vle remèsye tout fanmi nou yo pou sipòte elèv nou yo pandan y ap kontinye aprann ak grandi.
Pou kontinye bon travay nou ansanm, nou envite w ranpli sondaj 7 kesyon sa a konsènan preferans dat/lè w ansanm ak aktivite ak evènman ki ta benefisye elèv ou ak fanmi w. Tan ou ak opinyon ou enpòtan pou nou. Nou vle tande pale de ou! Yo mande repons ou avèk respè anvan 1ye desanm.

Mèsi pou sipò w kontinye ak pou w fè pati Kominote Cobra.


Title I Part A, is a program that helps schools provide extra resources to students who come from families with fewer resources. These resources include extra teachers, training for teachers, and more time for learning. The program also includes activities to involve parents in their child’s education. There are two ways that schools can use the resources from Title I. One way is to provide services to all students, and the other way is to provide services to specific students who are selected based on their needs.  The Title I Annual Meeting for FPCHS SY24 was held on September 20, 2023.  Below you will find the PowerPoint presentation with the agenda for this meeting.

FPCHS Title I Annual Meeting 2023-2024

A school compact serves as a written agreement fostering collaboration between schools, parents or guardians, and students. It outlines shared responsibilities, emphasizing the importance of a collective effort for student success. This agreement typically includes provisions for regular communication, academic and behavioral expectations, and a commitment to learning. It encourages parental involvement, outlining opportunities for parents to engage in their child’s education, and highlights student responsibilities, promoting accountability. The compact aims to create a positive and inclusive school community, emphasizing mutual respect among all parties involved. Ultimately, it serves as a tool to strengthen the partnership between the school and families, contributing to the overall well-being and educational success of the students.

FPCHS School Compact 2023-2024 English

FPCHS School Compact 2023-2024 Haitian Creole

FPCHS School Compact 2023-2024 Spanish

The Parent & Family Engagement Plan is a strategic document designed to promote meaningful collaboration between the school and families to enhance the educational experience of students. By emphasizing open communication, shared responsibilities, and collaborative efforts, the Parent and Family Engagement Plan seeks to create a supportive environment that positively impacts student achievement and success.

FPCHS Parent & Family Engagement Plan 2023-2024 English

FPCHS Parent & Family Engagement Plan 2023-2024 Haitian Creole

FPCHS Parent & Family Engagement Plan 2023-2024 Spanish

The School Improvement Plan (SIP) is a detailed guide that lays out school goals and steps to improve academic performance. It helps make decisions about resources, professional development, and teaching methods. The SIP is a flexible tool that assists schools in systematically improving education quality and creating a positive learning atmosphere.

FPCHS School Improvement Plan 2023-2024 English

FPCHS School Improvement Plan 2023-2024 Haitian Creole

FPCHS School Improvement Plan 2023-2024 Spanish

The “Parents’ Right to Know” is a rule under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) that ensures parents have access to important information about their child’s education. This includes details about the qualifications of their child’s teachers and any paraprofessionals assisting in the classroom. Parents also have the right to know how well the school is performing, including state assessment results and overall progress. This rule promotes transparency and empowers parents by providing them with the information they need to be involved in and support their child’s education.

FPCHS Parents Right to Know 2023-2024 English

FPCHS Parents Right to Know 2023-2024 Haitian Creole

FPCHS Parents Right to Know 2023-2024 Spanish