Principal: Lillian Beauchamp

 As the Principal of Manatee Academy, I am proud to share information about our outstanding school with you. When visiting Manatee, one finds a positive, well-disciplined environment. Classrooms provide an educational atmosphere that is focused on engaging students in all areas of the curriculum. High expectations are met through differentiating the instruction and concentrating on individual student needs. Our wonderful staff members are highly qualified and use research-based strategies to implement St. Lucie County’s Scope and Sequence. Parent involvement and support are important to the success of our students. I encourage you to join our School Advisory Council, PTO or Volunteer program.

Office Staff

Haynes, Donna Executive Secretary

Chabab, Sharon Gay Health Aide

Escorcia, Pam Attendance Clerk

Few, Diane Health Aide

McClure, Sharon Registrar Office Clerk
Morales-Santiago,Evelyn ESE Clerk

Newell, Julie Media Clerk

Sharpe, Joanna Data Specialist
Smith, Cynthia Office Clerk

Suarez, Ivon Bookkeeper

Tremblay, Tara Dean’s Clerk

Valinote, Cathy Office Clerk
Young, Leslie Office Clerk


Benulis, Kara Elementary School Conduct Dean

Biss, Mark Middle School Conduct Dean

Montoya, Dawn Middle Guidance

Navaretta, Jennifer Assessment Coordinator
Rivas, Sarah Elementary Guidance
Taylor, Amy Instructional Coach

Instructional Staff

Team Leader  * Department Chairperson


Alberts, Sharon
Bonner, Margaret
Cinque, Jeanne
Goldenberg, Felice
Vega, Monica

First Grade

Eslinger, Alicia
Garcia, Michael

Langel, Cindy

Mathey, Tracey

Second Grade

Nelson, Brian
Paulick, Marianne
Sproul, Anne

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Aguirre, Christina

Brackett, Jeffrey

Calandra, Regala

Coffey, Jessica
Kelly, Lisa

Smith, Robin

Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade ~ Sharks

Hayes, Kristin Language Arts
Littmann, Matthew Social Studies
Teixeira, Donna * Math

Sixth Grade ~ Stingrays

Brown, Selva Social Studies

Opanel, Vincent Language Arts

Small, Brandy Reading

Tovar, Sherry Science

Seventh Grade

Belgraves, Keshawna Science

Cason, Agatha Math

Fitz-Coy, Skylor Social Studies
Weixler, Cliff Language Arts

Seventh Grade

Braswell, Melissa Reading

Damas, Hazel Science
Nixon, Jermeka Language Arts
Young, Tucker Social Studies

Eighth Grade

Davis, Todd Math

Eakins, Heather *Social Studies
Strachan, Andrea Language Arts
Wallman, Jennifer Science

Eighth Grade

Brewer, Justin Language Arts

Eliassaint, Ovenore Math

Felix, Jamie Math

Wallman, David Social Studies

Wayne, Rebecca Science

Exceptional Student Education


Rosado, Casie*

Barrios-Cardenas, Aurea

Billings, Margaret
Capozzolli, Kimberly
Chiarolanzio, Christina
Gomez, Alicia

Hannah, Robin
Hayes, Patrice

Jerome, Janet

Myers, Jodie

Seymour, Marilee



Friend, Lisa Vet Prep
Lankow, Paul  Technology
MacLachlan, Sarah Math Resource

Price, Paula Media Specialist

Putz, Ron PE
Torres, Michael PE

Support Staff

Alles, Elizabeth ESOL/Rosetta Lab

Caron, Deborah School Psychologist

Catalano, Pierra ESE Paraprofessional

Gomez, Alicia ESE Paraprofessional

Horne, Dale ESE Paraprofessional

Iurilli-Cooke, Renee ESE Paraprofessional

Johnson-Curry, Taqualia Behavior Technician

Miclis, Mirna ESOL/Rosetta Lab

Miles, Jill Social Worker

Morris, Peter Behavior Technician

Morrison, Tania Behavior Technician

Muniz, Stephanie ESE Paraprofessional

Otero, Yaritza ESE Paraprofessional

Pilson, Charles BIC Monitor
Rubenstein, Jean ESE Paraprofessional
Tassone, Thomas ESE Paraprofessional

Food Service

Dekle, Cynthia Manager
Silega-De Montano, Barbara *Cook

Site Maintenance

White, Norman Plant Manager


Beauchamp, Lilly Principal
Poole, Nikki Assistant Principal
Share, Joseph Assistant Principal