Mariposa Celebrates Literacy

Drop Everything and Read!  Cozy, comfy and the greatest books to read during our drop everything and read time! Anderson Navarette found his favorite chair to pick up a book, get cozy, and read in. Yvette Espinoza enjoyed her quiet spot in the classroom.

Kindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of School

Mariposa Elementary Kindergarteners celebrated the 100th Day of School with lots of students dressing as if they were 100 years old.  They also enjoyed a breakfast of French toast and pancakes showing 100. Students shared their colorful projects reflecting 100 items.  The students really enjoyed celebrating the 100th day!

Third Grade Practices with Elkonin Boxes

Our Reading Interventionist, Julia Biondolillo, introduced 3rd graders to Elkonin boxes which were created on the floor as a way to help the students create a new pathway for learning how words work. This activity helps the students slow down their brain by learning how to stretch a word to hear and record the sounds/letter…

Mariposa’s Winter Concert

Monarch Musicians from Mariposa Elementary made their grand debut at the winter concert. This officially broke a two-year hiatus of students performing on stage. Students and parents alike were overjoyed to hear three different performing ensembles. The three ensembles were tubano drumming, chorus, and Orff xylophone band. The selected fourth and fifth grade students dedicated…