Media Release – Schools Open Monday and Student Assignment Stands Ready to Serve

For Immediate Release September 16, 2017 Contact: Kerry Padrick Phone: 772-429-5532 Schools Open Monday and Student Assignment Stands ready to serve ST. LUCIE COUNTY –  St. Lucie Public Schools (SLPS) will resume normal operations on Monday, September 18.  The bells will sound on time, normal transportation will pick back up, before- and after-school activities…


Math Scoot and Identity Boxes in Fourth Grade

Ms. Erica Morales’ Fourth grade students have been enjoying partnering with one another to complete their Math Scoot center. The Math Scoot center encourages students to deepen their knowledge with place value. Evan Lamb is discussing his findings at the center with his partner. Also in Ms. Erica Morales’ class, students created Identity boxes.  Jeffrey…


First Grade Centers at Mariposa Elementary

At Mariposa Elementary, Mrs. Linda Auciello’s 1st grade students Abigail Negron, Sophia Manson and Rashard Alston are busy working on their “listen to read” reading center. Reading center rotations are practiced to ensure students stay engaged and gain a variety of different learning opportunities within their classroom.

Mariposa Elementary Fifth Graders Investigate

Students in Ms. Zoie Griffiths’ 5th grade class at Mariposa Elementary learn about controlled experiments. The students completed an investigation that tested how high a ball would bounce on four different surfaces. They learned about variables, the scientific process, and even included some math by finding the average height of the five trials. This will…