Florida’s state beverage taught in first grade

Ms. Alves first grade class has been learning about different foods and where they come from.  Her class picked oranges from our garden at our school, here at Mariposa Elementary.  She showed her students how to take the orange and make real orange juice.  The students love the juice and keep asking for more.

Tree maps used in kindergarten

Ms. Hyatt’s kindergarten class at Mariposa Elementary created an animal report using tree maps. Tree maps direct students on creating reports by providing research strategies at a primary level. The students were directed to find information about their animals by answering the following questions: What does your animal look like? Where does your animal live?…


Mariposa runs for wellness

On Saturday, March 24, 2012, three Mariposa Elementary staff members ran the Torry Pines Race for Research Half Marathon. The staff members participating in the race were Mrs. New, Mrs. Bondi and Michelle Graci.  Mrs. New and Ms. Graci ran their first half marathon and Mrs. Bondi ran her sixth half marathon. After running 13.1 miles, the ladies earned a Torry Pines Half…


Robot visits the media center

This week in the media center, Mrs. Pennington read to the kindergarten, first and second grade students, Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot by Dav Pilkey.  Before the story began, Mrs. Pennington brought out a tin can robot she made at home.  She explained to the students how she made it while the students sat wide-eyed.  The robot…


Students explore science

Mrs. Nunez’s fourth grade class at Mariposa Elementary is working on a science experiment to see how much water an organism can hold. The students in the picture demonstrate how to use a balance and a ruler to determine growth. The students were amazed on how much growth took place in one day.  The experiment…