Introducing Mosaic Digital Academy, a virtual school experience with a personal touch. This self-selecting, student-parent choice option is designed for kindergarten through grade 12 students whose primary residence is St. Lucie or Martin counties. Virtual schooling is a progressive choice for families, providing expanded educational services, utilizing an online curriculum, to a wider student community for anywhere, anytime learning. What really makes Mosaic Digital Academy’s virtual program unique is the local and personal experience students get by participating in school clubs, tutoring with teachers, and student-centered workshops on campus, designed to ensure learning goals are met for every student.

Virtual Program Highlights:

  • A full-time K-12 online public school program leading to a high school diploma
  • Accredited courses aligned to state and national standards
  • Local certified teachers (Mosaic Digital Academy)
  • Unique & Traditional school clubs and some campus activities
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Online Learning is required at designated times based on course and grade level
  • Offering Dual Enrollment with IRSC for eligible students
  • AICE Cambridge

Mosaic Digital Academy and St. Lucie Virtual schools are public schools within the St. Lucie Public School System. Virtual students enrolled in these programs are bound by all public school policies and expectations required by the Florida Department of Education. This is not a home education program. Our provider-based virtual program is St. Lucie Virtual which is fully remote except for state testing required grade levels. St. Lucie Virtual is a K-12 Virtual Option that utilizes state-approved virtual instruction provider, Stride (formerly K12, inc) with provider instructors. Proof of residency is required for all enrollments. 

All public virtual school students must participate in all State Testing on campus. If your child or family member in the household has a medical condition preventing the student from on-campus participation they may not enroll in this program. Please contact Student Services to determine if Hospital Homebound is an option for your particular circumstances.

Our goal is to provide fully accredited online public school options
built for your K-12 child's personalized learning!

School Principal

Jeanne Ziemba

Testing Coordinator

Vanessa Pratti

School Counselors

April Mincey (Grades K-8)

Rachelle Cortes (Grades 9-12)

Exceptional Education

Roderica Freeman

Office: 772-429-5504