Welcome to our full time Enrollment page for Virtual Programs of St. Lucie. Enrollment for Fall 2020 opens April 1, 2020 and will close on July 10, 2020.  Virtual school applications are considered for placement in one of our virtual options and students must meet eligibility. Please be aware that transportation is not provided for virtual school students. NOTICE: Students who are up for expulsion or have been expelled from their current public school are not eligible for St. Lucie Virtual or Mosaic Digital Academy.


Withdrawal Information: Parents interested in enrolling their student in a virtual program in St. Lucie County should not withdraw their student from their current school until the student has completed the current semester AND the parent has received enrollment acceptance communication from our school administration. Doing so may jeopardize eligibility into the virtual program.  Students who are already enrolled full time with one of the Virtual Programs of St. Lucie do not need to re-enroll.


For enrollment into our virtual programs here in St. Lucie Public Schools, please complete the application and email to Virtual.Programs@stlucieschools.org or fax to 772-429-3978.

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Please note that a new meal application must be completed each year to receive free/reduced lunch while on campus.
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Applications will be reviewed as they are received and parents will be notified of next steps via email address provided in the application. NOTE: Email and phone communication are an important part of virtual school communication. Parents should check phone messages and email often to ensure timely responses are made to requests for moving the application process forward. Failure to respond in a timely manner will move the student application to inactive.

Submit Necessary Documentation

  • Home Language Survey if new to public school.
  • Proof of Vaccination: see Schedules http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/schedules/
  • Proof of Address – Current utility bill (within last 30 days), Official rent receipt, Current mortgage deed, signed lease agreement, Mortgage payment coupon, or builder’s contract (6 month completion)
  • Original birth certificate for each child enrolling if new to St. Lucie Public Schools.
  • Social Security card (if available) for each child enrolling

Account Setup Process

  • Attend mandatory orientation on-boarding session for Mosaic Digital Academy enrollments.

Important Dates
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