Standard Day Early Dismissal Day
8:00 Doors are opened. Students may get breakfast. 8:00
8:15 First Bell – Students may go to class. 8:15
8:30 Second Bell (Tardy Bell). Any student arriving after 8:30 must be signed in with  an adult to receive a tardy slip that will admit them to class. 8:30
3:00 Parent pickup students are dismissed. 1:00
3:15 Walkers and bike riders are dismissed. 1:15
3:00 Bus riders are dismissed over the television when bus arrives. 1:00

Leaving School Early

If you know you will be picking your child up early, please send a note to the teacher that morning. Go to the office when you arrive at the school and sign the student out.


Office personnel will have your child sent to the office to be dismissed.

  • Children may not be released early from classes between 2:30 P.M. – 3:00 P.M.
  • For the protection of the student, teachers will not release a child without office authorization.
  • In addition, children will not be released to any unauthorized person (i.e.) any person other than the custodial parents and other person(s) you have indicated in writing.

If your child is going home a different way other than usual, the school must be notified in writing.