Advancement Via Individual Determination, or AVID, is a college preparatory program. The mission of the program is to prepare all students for success in a global society by exposing them to and supporting them in rigorous curriculum. Our students are encouraged to take challenging courses that they may not have been placed in otherwise, and are helped to succeed by college tutors that visit my classroom twice a week.

The cornerstones of the program include organization, time management, goal setting, confidence and team building, and determination to succeed in the hardest of classes using strategies that may not have been explicitly taught elsewhere. We use Writing, Inquiry, Collaboraton, and Reading, WICR, as the basis of our learning process.

AVID students are expected to meet every challenge head on and perservere. To quote the class mission statement that was crafted by the students during the first month of school: “Our mission is to work together to achieve our goals and be successful, using our skills to be better than our best!”

AVID Application