Village Green Environmental Studies School is committed to our mission of providing quality, standards-based instruction by providing the best possible educational experience for all students in the safest possible environment.


Village Green Environmental Studies School is committed to our vision that all students are provided with exemplary instruction and learning opportunities in order to prepare each child to advance to the next level in their pursuits of college studies and careers.

In setting our goals, we will continue to strive towards higher levels of student performance by offering a challenging elementary curriculum that is aligned with rigorous standards delivered through diversified instructional strategies.


Our purpose is to strive to prepare all students to the next level in their pursuits of college studies and careers.



Village Green Environmental Studies School is located in the Southeast portion of St. Lucie County, this blue zone school offers concentrated studies that provide students with authentic opportunities to tackle environmental issues we face in our community and our world today.

Science and Math are integrated across the curriculum to provide real world application of skills and provides a catalyst for all subject areas. Students in Kindergarten through grade five are provided a rich curriculum.

In addition to a rich core curriculum, our students participate in series of field study programs designed to “leave no child inside.” Our backyard scientists benefit though partnerships with local experts and advisors from Savanna’s Preserve (Florida State Parks Division).

Our on-site nature trail provides many learning opportunities which include the study of plant life both native and invasive, animal habitats, insect study, bird identification, water testing, and weather and wind patterns. Our future plans include water harvesting, hydroponic gardening, community tree nursery and renewable energy in the forms of solar and wind.







Village Green has implemented ClassDojo in order to connect teachers with students and parents to build amazing classroom communities.

With ClassDojo

  • Teachers can encourage students for any skill or value — whether it’s working hard, being kind, helping others or something else
  • Students can showcase and share their learning by adding photos and videos to their own portfolios
  • Parents are engaged by sharing photos and videos of wonderful classroom moments

If you have not yet joined VGE on ClassDojo please be sure to ask your child’s teacher!





Did you know VGE has a gifted program?

VGE has developed a gifted resource in addition to our enrichment programs.  Please feel free to stop by and ask us about it.