Rights and Responsibilities

White City students have the right to an education without interruption, distraction, and/or fear. Students have a right to free speech and student publication, assembly, privacy, and participation in school programs and activities.

All students are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that will contribute to the best interest of the school and not interfere with the rights of others. Violations of any of the rules will subject the student to disciplinary action.

School rules and discipline policies are consistent with the St. Lucie County Elementary Code of Conduct. Parents are asked to become aware of school policies and cooperate with the school in helping students to comply. When necessary, students will be referred to the administration when discipline issues interrupt the learning process.


School Visitation

For the safety of our students and staff, all visitors must report to the office as soon as they arrive on campus to sign in and receive an official pass. It is imperative for the safety of our students that all drivers on our campus abide by the posted traffic signs and the following rules:

  1. No private vehicle parking or driving in the bus loading zone is permitted on days when school is in session. All cars must park in the designated spaces in the front of the main building.
  2. Student pick-up and drop-off MUST be in designated areas only, in the front of the main building.
  3. Parents are asked to remain in their vehicles at the pick-up zone. School staff will escort children to their vehicles. This helps to alleviate a great deal of congestion and confusion during arrival and dismissal.
  4. If you wish to change your child’s pick-up time or method of departure, we MUST have notification in writing or by phone before 2:00pm each day.
  5. In order to provide your child a successful and fulfilling day at school, we request that parents NOT sign their child out early except in case of emergency.



Conferences are an important form of communication between parents and teachers. Such face to face communication promotes student progress and helps to alleviate potential problems.  We encourage you to maintain communication throughout the school year.

You are invited to visit our school, our teachers, and administrative personnel whenever you feel it is beneficial. District policy requires that you notify us 24 hours in advance if you wish to visit a classroom.



Students must leave valuables at home, such as excessive amounts of money, radios, CD players, video games, IPODS, toys, etc. Cell phones are permitted, but must remain in the off position and must be out of sight. These items can end up damaged or lost, or in some cases confiscated by an adult because they are causing a disruption to the learning environment. Confiscated items may be picked up in the office by a parent or guardian.


Lost and Found

Articles found at school should be turned in to the main office where students may claim their property by identifying it.  Uncollected items will be donated to a charitable organization at the end of each year.  Labeling your child’s clothing, lunchbox, and school supplies would be helpful.



Adopted textbooks shall be issued free of charge to students. The full purchase shall be collected for all lost, destroyed, or unnecessarily damaged textbooks when the book has been in use less than one year. Fifty percent (50%) of the purchase price will be charged if the textbook has been in use more than one year. Damaged textbook charges are decided at the discretion of the teacher/principal.


School Insurance Healthy Kids

We encourage parents to consider enrolling their children in the Student Accident Insurance Program. Families are offered a choice of coverage. Forms are sent home during the first week of school.


Field Trips

Field trips of educational value are “highlights” of the school’s instructional program.  If parents permit their children to go on these trips, they MUST sign the special county permission form sent home with students. Without this signed form the student will not be permitted to leave the campus. Parents are encouraged to attend as chaperones.


Chaperone Guidelines

  1. All chaperones must be 21 years of age.
  2. All chaperones are expected to dress appropriately. (Appropriate dress does not include visible undergarments, shorts, skirts, or dresses above mid-thigh, see- through material, visible cleavage.
  3. Chaperones are not permitted to smoke on the trip.
  4. All chaperones must have clearance from the office.
  5. Siblings of students whose parents are chaperoning are not allowed to accompany classes on field trips.
  6. Chaperones are needed to help ensure the safety of our students on the bus as well as the trip destination. Therefore, it is expected for chaperones to refrain from cell phone use unless it is an emergency.


Emergency Drills

Periodically, fire and disaster drills are held to teach emergency procedures so that the reaction to any emergency will be orderly and not result in panic. In case of a real emergency, you would receive information from St. Lucie County government offices and the school concerning any needed evacuation of children.


Pledge of Allegiance

Section 1003.44, Florida Statutes, requires that the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States be recited at the beginning of the day in every Florida public elementary, middle, and high school. The statute also requires public schools to post in a conspicuous place a notice stating that each student has the right not to participate in reciting the Pledge.

  1. Any student who chooses not to recite the Pledge shall be excused from such activity, and shall also be excused from standing during the Pledge.
  2. Any student who chooses not to stand or recite the Pledge may not disrupt the reciting of the Pledge by others. Any material disruption of the Pledge may subject a student to disciplinary action in a like manner as any other material disruption of a school activity.
  3. The school may not discipline or otherwise single out any student who chooses not to stand or to recite the Pledge and who does not otherwise disrupt the reciting of the Pledge by others.
  4. The school shall notify the parent(s) of any elementary or middle school student (grades K through 8) who chooses not to recite the Pledge or to stand during the Pledge. The parent(s) will be requested, but will not be required, to conform in writing his, her, or their agreement with the student’s choice.

Student Birthdays

Birthdays may be celebrated with classmates in the cafeteria during the regularly scheduled lunchtime. (Cupcakes or cookies are suggested as they are easy to distribute.) These items MUST BE STORE BOUGHT (for health and safety reasons) and should be delivered to the front office. Children may not bring these items on the school bus. Invitations to private birthday parties may be distributed at school only if the entire class is included.

*Please note that we are a peanut-free school due to students with allergies.  All snacks must be peanut free. Please refer to packaging labels for student safety.

Parent Teacher Organization (P.T.O.)

P.T.O. is a voluntary organization bringing together parents and teachers for fundraising, building parent involvement and community at school and other activities relating to the welfare of the school. Even if you are unable to attend meetings, your help is appreciated. Please contact the school for more information.


Volunteer Program

We encourage you to consider volunteering at our school. There are many ways to help! Please contact the school for more information. Your time will benefit our students. School policy discourages volunteers from working in their child’s classroom or at the same grade level.  Younger siblings may not be brought on campus while volunteering.  Please visit the SLPS volunteer page to learn more and apply to volunteer– Volunteers – St Lucie Public Schools


Guidance Program

The guidance counselor serves our students by working with parents, teachers, and administrators to assist with their academic, social, and emotional concerns. The guidance counselor is also available to provide you with information about resources to support you and your child. The guidance counselor also serves as the school testing coordinator, ESOL coordinator, and the Multi-Tier System of Supports coordinator.


Safety Patrol

Responsible fifth grade students are selected as Safety Patrol members to monitor students as they enter and leave their classrooms. A small number of fourth grade students are included to provide training for the following year. Patrols help by reminding fellow students about PBS school wide expectations and safety procedures. If a student does not obey the rules after being reminded by a patrol, the patrol reports the incident to an adult for disciplinary action.


Field Day

Each grade level participates in field day activities at the end of the school year. The students participate in relay races, obstacle courses, and other various physical activity events. Classes at each grade level group compete with one another and sportsmanlike conduct is taught and encouraged.


Progress Reports

Progress Reports are issued each month. Students are expected to take them home so that families may be informed of their progress.  Progress Reports are to be signed by the student’s parent/guardian and returned to the classroom teacher. Space is provided on the progress report for parent comments and for the request of a conference. We encourage you to request a conference if you have questions or concerns about your child’s progress.


White City Elementary Honor Roll (Grades 3-5)

Every nine weeks, White City honors its highest academic achievers at our Honor Roll ceremony. Students can be recognized in one of two categories:

  1. Principal’s Honor Roll= All A’s (including conduct)
  2. Honor Roll= A’s & B’s (including conduct)