Forest Grove believes in the team concept; this allows a team of teachers to
more fully address the needs of each student. With the use of teams the students stay within the team for the entire year.

The teachers work together to minimize the chance of failure by addressing the individual student needs.

Our Elective team supports the academic teams to enhance the students’ overall experience.

Sixth Grade Teams
Science Kevin Kearney 2609 Elayne Ferris 2629
Lang. Arts Nicole Collins 2641 Sue Campbell 2622
World History Mary McKelvin 2664 Timothy Goble 2636
Math Leigh Bretherick 2639 David Jackson 2678
Sixth/Seventh Grade Mini Team
Lang. Arts & Social Studies Paul Galloway 2647
Math & Science Lois Conroy 2688
Seventh Grade Teams
Science Ken Farrell 2612 Danielle James 2661
Lang. Arts Queen Rogers-Paschal 2621 Kay Hall 2665
Math/Algebra Duane Turner 2634 Lisa Mead 2628
Civics Anne Powell 2616 Evelyn Arp 2638

Eighth Grade Teams
Science Jon Breedlove 2620 Jennifer Thiery 2624
Lang. Arts TBA: Anthony Edwards 2651 Kelly Traister 2644
Pre-Algebra/Algebra/Geometry Summer Nichols 2601 Erika Cordovano 2625
U.S. History Suzan Wolters 2605 Brooke Brooks 2632

Reading Department

ESE Support Team
2613 2623 Leslie Parker-Earll 1184
2652 2630 Kathy Cribbs 2685
2655 2684 Shawnalee Reeves 1185
2662 2637 Patricia Corley 2611
Pam Stewart 2603
Instructional Coaches

Katina Barriner 1110
Terrance Barriner 1149

Testing Coordinator

Kim Kwasneski 1104


Clarence Hollins
Janys Chim
Daniela Markowitz

2681 Inclusion teacher
2679 Inclusion teacher
2687 Inclusion teacher
2694 Inclusion teacher


MOA Prep
Technology John Schultz 2656 Kevin Stinnette 2648
Band Joe Colombo 2649
Intensive Math
Health Occupations Barbara Redic 2640 Darlene Karson 2680
P.E. Laura Mooney 2657 Daniel Weiss 2646
P.E. Jay Barrow 2670
Home Economics Janet Clayman 2617
Chorus/Drama Mary Osking 1195
CT/Credit Retrieval TBA 2619
Artavius Carter 2643