Vision Statement

Our Vision is to create an environment that is safe, secure, and contributes to active learning;

where every student and staff are learners and leaders;

where teachers are facilitators of learners creating engaging work that challenges all students;

where every parent and the school community is invited and invested.

Core Curriculum

Forest Grove Middle School offers standard curriculum of five core subjects for students who are proficient in reading. For the students who need support in reading, an intensive program is offered. All students take an elective program each year.

Academic Program

Grade 6 – Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, World History, Reading and an elective.
Grade 7 – Language Arts, Math 2 or Math 2 adv., Science, Civics, Reading and an elective.
Grade 8 – Language Arts, Pre-Algebra or Algebra 1, Geometry, Science,  Reading, US history, and an elective.

Intensive Reading / Math Program

Intensive Reading and Intensive Math courses are available for students who qualify.

Elective courses include Band, Chorus, Home Economics, Technology, Health Occupations, Physical education.