Forest Grove believes in the team concept which allows a team of teachers to more fully address the needs of each student.

With the use of teams, the teachers work collaboratively to ensure success for each of their students on the team.

Each team is comprised of a math, science, language arts (2), and social studies teacher(s).

The elective department (gym, band, chorus, etc.) support the academic teams to enhance the students’ overall experience.

6th Grade Teams


Kaitlyn Coffman (Math)

Nicole Collins (Language Arts)

Stephanie Collins (Language Arts)

Cleveland Zollicoffer (Science)

Mary McKelvin (Social Studies)**Team Leader**


Carol Brick (Science)

Sue Campbell (Language Arts)**Team Leader**

Timothy Goble (Social Studies)

David Jackson (Math)

Mia Esteves (Language Arts)


Katherine Mirabal (Math)

Kevin Kearney (Science) **Team Leader**

Magda Rodriguez (Social Studies)

7th Grade Teams

All Stars 

Sean Connor (Social Studies)

Kenneth Farrell (Science)**Team Leader**

Nichole Robinson (Language Arts)

Queen Rogers-Paschal (Language Arts)

LaJuana Smith-Jones (Math)

Top Dogs

Kay Hall (Language Arts)**Team Leader**

Danielle James (Science)

Sherquita McFolley (Langauge Arts)

Lisa Mead (Math)

Raymond Williams (Civics)

8th Grade Teams


Brooke Brooks (Social Studies)

Jenea Clarke (Science)

Erika Cordovano (Math)**Team Leader**

Kelley Traister (Language Arts)


Summer Nichols (Math)**Team Leader**

Vanessa Theut (Language Arts)

Emmett Tennell (Language Arts)

Myron Williams (Science)

Suzanne Wolters (Social Studies)

Electives/Critical Thinking/ESOL

Elite Forces (Electives)

Jay Barrow (Gym)

Janet Clayman (Home Economics)**Team Leader**

Joe Colombo (Band)

Joycelyn Cooper (Media Center)

Patricia Corley (Credit Retrieval)

Elayne Ferris-Cole (MOA Prep)

Darlene Karson (Intensive Math)

Katherine Mirabal (Intensive Math)

Laura Mooney (Gym)

Kathy Osking (Chorus)

Barbara Redic (Health Occupations)

Frantz Senat (Technology)

Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Department