Mariposa’s Spring Concert

Posted on May 14, 2018

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Florida Department of Education Parent Survey – Exceptional Student Education

Posted on Mar 28, 2018

The Florida Department of Education is working with school districts to gather information on how well parents think their child’s school is partnering with parents of students with disabilities, and would like to include your input. Your responses will help guide efforts to improve services and results for children and families. This survey is for parents of students with individual educational plans (IEP) receiving special education services during the 2017-18 school year. All information provided will remain confidential.

You may submit one online survey for each child receiving services. To access the survey, please refer to the survey code on your invite cover letter or the box on the bottom left-hand corner of your paper survey.

Parent Survey Link:

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PreKindergarten Explores the Importance of Paper

Posted on Mar 5, 2018

In Mrs. C. Bonilla’s PreKindergarten class at Mariposa Elementary, the students discussed many different kinds of paper. This included where paper comes from and what different things they can create with it. The students practiced writing, drawing, cutting, and gluing the paper. Madison Barr wrote ” Paper comes from trees.” and drew trees to illustrate her sentence. She practiced copying, starting with a capital letter, and left appropriate spaces between the words. Jackson Anderson is standing in a circle with his classmates holding the paper chains they created. He said the paper chain looked like a friendship chain. The students enjoyed learning about paper and the uses of it that day.        

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First Grade Writes to Penpals in Texas

Posted on Feb 16, 2018

Ms. Swanson’s 1st grade homeroom is on a pen pal escapade writing and illustrating creative masterpieces with Mrs. Whitfield’s 1st grade class located in Lytle, Texas.  The writing adventure began in early October and will continue until the end of May.   The students are grouped into pairs and enjoy the process of sharing fun information, asking questions that necessitate a direct response and learning fun facts about the state of Texas.  We are looking forward to “meeting” our pen pals live through skype in the weeks to come. Ms. Swanson has known Mrs. Whitfield for a number of years. She was in her 5th grade class many moons ago. Gabriela Acevedo-Gutierrez, Wyatt Baber, and Alonso Crespo are pictured working on their letters for their penpals in Texas.


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Book Fair! February 14-23

Posted on Feb 9, 2018

Online orders accepted February 10-23

Our annual Book Fair begins Wednesday, February 14 and runs through Friday, February 23.  The flyers for the Book Fair are going home this week.  Please review the flyer with your child and make choices together. It is a great opportunity to talk about books and get your child excited about reading.  When sending your child with money to the Book Fair, please remember to send extra change to cover the tax. We would appreciate any parent who would like to volunteer during the Book Fair.  Please contact the front office and let them know when you would like to volunteer.

Spring 2018 K-6 Booklist: 

Attention Parents our book fair has a new digital payment option:

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Mariposa Fifth Graders Study Native Americans

Posted on Feb 8, 2018

Students in Mrs. Saunders’ 5th grade present Native American Projects.  Fifth graders enjoyed presenting Native American projects. As part of their Reading and Social Studies standards, each student researched a tribe, wrote about the culture, then created a board or diorama reflecting the unique attributes they discovered.  Pictured: Zachary Cobb,








Jonah McCrory,









and Victoria Serrano Melendez.


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