First Graders Visit the Busch Wildlife Santuary

Posted on Apr 16, 2015

whalen1Students in Mrs. Whalen’s First Grade class visited Busch Wildlife Sanctuary to learn more about animals, habitats and conservation.  Pictured here are Karina Arocho, Shayna Sherman, Aiden Lucero and Rossilyn Grasso, learning fun facts about box turtles from the Staff at Busch Wildlife Sanctuary.

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“Pastries for Parents” at Mariposa Elementary’s Book Fair

Posted on Mar 27, 2015

IMG_1653Mariposa Elementary held its “Pastries for Parents”. Families came and enjoyed breakfast while shopping at our Book Fair. Shown in the picture is John Wright, Christopher Wright, Jackson Wright and Geneva Wright. They were some of the early birds at the event. Also during the book fair, we held an event which included help for volunteers to complete their online applications. There was an author presentation and shopping at the Book Fair. Author, Mrs. Janet Balletta, presented her book, ‘The Legend of the Colombian Mermaid.’ Parents and students enjoyed sweet treats while they shopped for their favorite books.

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Wild for Animals in First Grade

Posted on Mar 19, 2015

baptisteMrs. Baptiste’s First Graders researched an animal of their choice and learned about their animal’s diet, habitat and three interesting facts.  They took the information that they learned to present to the class in a cereal box
Left to right; Sharea Kirkman, Jayda Andrews, Lizbeth Ajucum and Shericka Cooper.

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Sunshine State Young Reader Award Program

Posted on Mar 18, 2015

Picture2The students who read the The Sunshine State Young Reader Award nominated books will be voting very soon. Students who have read three or more of the SSYRA books need to turn in their signed Author Cards into the Media Center by April 15. Read, read, read during Spring Break. Remember if a student reads six of the SSYRA books, they will be allowed to attend the party in May. If your child reads all fifteen of the SSYRA nominated books, they will receive a trophy!

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Dental Health Awareness

Posted on Mar 18, 2015

Picture1Mariposa Kindergarten Students celebrated Dental Health Month with Dr. Cook’s Dental office’s amazing Hygienists. They gave the students a fun interactive experience to help them overcome their fears of the dentist office and instructed them on correct brushing and flossing methods.

In the this picture Abigail Baptiste is the Hygienist and Troy Bradley Jr is the patient as they role-play a visit with the Hygienist.

Also, Dylan Claesgens and Mya Daniels played the happy tooth and sad tooth holders. The hygienists showed foods and the students had to decide if it was a food that made their teeth happy or sad.

The Hygienists from Dr. Cooks’ office also used some of Mariposa’s Kindergarten students as teeth and gums to show them the correct way to floss.
It was a great learning experience and the student’s had a grand time role playing.

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FSA Parent Training Guide

Posted on Feb 25, 2015

fsa_parent_training title page








Please find the link in the sidebar to Mariposa’s FSA Parent Training Guide. This will help you understand and prepare your child for the upcoming Florida Standards Assessments. This presentation has been prepared by Mrs. Bushby our Assistant Principal.

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