Heroes Day

Posted on Nov 17, 2014

Mrs. Yost and Mrs. Dampier @ Mariposa's Heroes Day 2014Superintendent of Schools, Genelle Yost, and Executive Director of Schools, Pam Dampier, visit Mariposa just in time to join the Heroes Breakfast!  Heroes Breakfast is a special recognition of our veterans and community helpers that help keep us safe at school and at home.  Teacher, Mrs. Michelle Smith, coordinated the Heroes Breakfast program this year, where students read poems that they had written thanking our veterans for keeping us safe!

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N.E.E.D. Solar Energy

Posted on Nov 3, 2014

solar energyIn our Mariposa Elementary School’s N.E.E.D. group, “We learned about solar energy and went to teach kindergarten. We passed out solar beads and asked them to make a hypothesis, but we used the word “guess” so they knew what we meant. When we got outside, they stood in the sunlight, and their faces look amazed when they saw the color changing. I’d have to say I had so much fun teaching the little kids about solar energy. They were so well behaved, and just by looking at their faces, I’m pretty sure they liked the little lesson as much as my group and I liked teaching them about it.” – Taline El-Khoury

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Mariposa gets creative in Math with Kindergarten

Posted on Sep 5, 2014









The students in Mrs. Auciello’s Kindergarten class started the year with a fun activity to practice counting objects accurately with one to one correspondence up to 10. Pictured is Jessie Hindman who very accurately used his play-dough to make the number 8 and to count out 8 play-dough circles to match. The students are off to a great start this year!

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Spring Concert at Mariposa

Posted on May 22, 2014

Mariposa Elementhandbellary recently had their Spring Music Concert. This was an “interactive” concert. Not only did the students perform, but the audience and parents also participated with singing, dancing, and playing instruments. What a fun evening for all! The concert included the Chorus, the Handbell Choir, and the Band. Pictured is the Mariposa Hand Bell Choir including Tnanazia Young, Mikaelah Charles, Sophia May, Nelson St. Louis, Stephanie Diaz, Jeremy Rosas, Kylie Christiansen, Sydnee Rubenstien, Lea Cesiro, and Chloe Gillis.

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Mariposa’s Kindergarteners visit the 4-H Farm

Posted on May 12, 2014

AuciellozooAll the Kindergarten students at Mariposa Elementary enjoyed a hands-on experience at the 4-H Farm. This field trip enhanced their classroom lessons on animals and learning about gardens as they were able to touch the fur of a donkey, pony, horse, calf, goat, sheep and even a pig. Jabari Monds, Jake Legentus, Anthony Sarver, and Lumarion Gardenhire wait in anticipation of getting to feel the hair of the donkey. They looked at the similarities and differences of the animals to compare and contrast and had fun learning about what our farm friends do for us!

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First Grade Students At Mariposa Elementary Congratulate One Another As They Meet Their Goals!

Posted on May 8, 2014

AbiandDevenArticleFirst grade students in Michelle Smith’s First Grade Class at Mariposa Elementary each have their individual goal folders. Inside their goal folders are sight words, math concepts (numbers, 3D shapes, etc.) and chunks (digraphs/blends/word families). The students pair up each week to practice their goals and congratulate one another when they reach their goals. Their teacher, Mrs. Smith, checks their goals each week and helps students create new goals for themselves as they achieve each objective. “I’m so proud of you!” Deven Harris tells classmate Abigayle Conner, as she passes her sight words page in her Goal Folder. “The students work very hard to meet and exceed their goals,” says Smith. “They are fueled by the praise they get from their peers and enjoy being an encouragement to others.”

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