Mariposa’s VPK Visits CAST

Mrs. Claudia Bonilla’s VPK was very fortunate to visit CAST (Creative Arts Academy of St. Lucie) to watch their rendition of  “The Rainbow Fish”. The VPK students also enjoyed dancing on the stage. What a fantastic presentation and a fun day for all!

Mariposa Elementary’s FSA Student Incentives

Texas Roadhouse-sponsored lunch with Mariposa Elementary’s Deputy Miller! This is one of ten incentives students could receive for doing their best on the FSA! Others included Principal for the Day, Asst. Principal for the Day, Lunches with other Leadership Team members, and Taping the Principal to the Wall!

Camp Learn-a-lot in 4th Grade

Mrs. Nuñez’s fourth grade class recently held Camp Learn-a-Lot! They had a campfire, tents, and some s’mores! All this helped them review their math standards. They even got introduced to some 5th grade standards too!

VPK Learns About Butterflies and Insects

Mrs. Bonilla’s VPK students at Mariposa Elementary begun their second week of Insect Learning. They learned about characteristics, identifying different types, what makes them special, and insect body parts. The students used an Insect Checklist to help them learn these skills. Each day the students focused on one insect, used visuals, and technology to further…