Rivers Edge students are required to wear designated uniforms. PE uniforms are also available for purchase for greater comfort on PE days. Far from restrictive, the Rivers Edge uniform policy offers a wide variety of options that still allow for greater safety and security of students. They also offer a more business like atmosphere on campus and a less distracting learning environment. Mandatory uniforms are combined with a discipline policy and innovative instructional techniques to provide an outstanding education for all children who attend our school.

Shirts and Blouses:

Short or long sleeve, colored polo or button down shirts in solid white, navy blue, light blue or hunter green. Logos not larger than 1″ (size of a quarter). Shirts must be tucked in at all times while on campus.

Shorts and pants:

Traditional style uniform shorts in solid navy blue, khaki or REE plaid. No jeans. No cargo shorts or pants. Shorts can NOT be shorter than fingertip length. All bottoms (pants, shorts, skorts…) should be worn at the waist. If pants, shorts or skorts have belt loops, a belt must be worn.

Capris, skirts, skorts, jumpers:

Solid navy blue, khaki, or REE plaid. Must be knee length. NOT to be shorter than fingertip length. Uniform style jumpers and polo style dresses only.

Sweatshirts, cardigan sweaters:
Solid white, navy blue, light blue or hunter green. School logo sweatshirts sold through PTO are permissible. All sweatshirts and sweaters must have a uniform appropriate shirt worn underneath with collar showing.


Enclosed athletic (sneakers) and no-heeled, enclosed dress shoes. No boots of any style, flip flops or sandals of any style

Leggings, socks, tights:

If leggings are worn, they are under school approved clothing. Socks SHOULD be worn for health reasons.


REE plaid, solid white, navy blue, light blue or hunter green.


Natural colored hair; Small head bands, bows and clips in any color; Small jewelry (earrings and necklaces); due to possible health issues cologne, per-fumes and strong smelling soaps are not allowed.

PTO Items:

Any clothing sold through PTO is permissible to wear on any day.