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5600 NE St James Dr

Port St. Lucie FL, 34983


(fax) 772-785-5625



Principal, Mrs. Ingersoll

Assistant Principal, Ms. Forman



Mrs. Bradley

Mrs. Fischer

Mrs. Frebertshauser

Ms. Holbert

Mrs. Jaramillo


First Grade

Mrs. Carlin

Mrs. Doole

Ms. Rivera

Mrs. Zaragoza


Second Grade

Mrs. Brown 

Mrs. Fawcett 

Ms. Jean

Mrs. Jennings


Third Grade

Ms. Ashbrook

Mr. Madden

Ms. Palacios

Mrs. Rocco

Mrs. Wernhardt


Fourth Grade

Mrs. Casper

Mrs. Miller

Mrs. Owens

Mrs. Slappey


Fifth Grade

Mr. Fawcett

Ms. Johnson

Mrs. Schroeder

Mr. Slappey



Mrs. Brehm

Ms. Floyd

Mrs. Hodgson

Mr. Redding

Mrs. Votino



Ms. Hoffman (P.E.)

Mr. Ray (P.E.)

Mrs. Girling (Music)

Pre- Kindergarten

Ms. Camacho

Ms. McPherson

Exceptional Student Education


Mrs. King

Mrs. Lane

Ms. Luecht

Mrs. Milan-Kelley (speech)

Mrs. Moler

Ms. Young

Guidance Counselor

Ms. Romano


Instructional Coaches

Kelly Johnson

Natasha Romano



Ms. Hyde


Media Specialist

Christi Pittman


Instructional Support

Teresa Barron

Beverly Francis

Claudia Izquierdo

Danielle Kubat

Anna Pollari

Lauren Standard


School Resource Officer

Deputy Kasey Folbrecht



Elizabeth Franklin – Data Specialist

Michelle Grossman – Health Para

Robin Harris – Office Clerk

Amber Murphy – Assessment Clerk

Hellon Singletary – Executive Secretary

Kristin Troha – Media Clerk



Mayra Alvarez

Nora Dominguez

Shawncey Fredrick

Denise Maynard

Carolyn Rodriguez – Manager

Maria Yerena



Kathy Donaldson – Plant Manager

Aldo Alan

Brian Roth

Michelle Willams