A = Accountability
W = We are respectful
S = Stay Safe

Classroom Rules

P= Do Your Best Work!

A= Focus on Yourself! Be on task! Always follow directions!

W= Listen! Be a problem solver!

S= Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself!

Hall Rules

P= Walk with hands in pockets/behind your back.

A= Have a book to read before class in the morning. Go directly to assigned destination in a timely manner.

W= Walk quietly.

S= Walk one behind the other. Allow for personal space.

Cafeteria Rules

P= Keep your area clean.

A= Know your lunch number.

W= Use a quiet voice in the cafeteria. Use proper table manners.

S= Students will walk in line with two hands holding tray.

Playground Rules

P= Show good sportsmanship.

A= Line up when teacher signals.

W= Take turns when using equipment.

S= Use equipment appropriately. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

Bus Rules

P= Leopard Prowl!

A= Watch, listen for buses to be announced. Arrive on time.

W= Use polite language. Use an inside voice.

S= Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself