PAWS/PBIS/Single School Culture

PBIS is Positive Behavior Intervention and Support

Positive Behavior Intervention Support is a collaborative (team-based), educative, proactive and functional process to developing effective interventions for problem behavior. The positive refers to a change of focus from reactive, constantly pointing out what students did wrong (negatives), to proactive teaching and recognizing what children are doing right (positives). PBIS views appropriate consequences as those that are effective in changing the student’s inappropriate behavior. PBIS acknowledges and rewards students for following school-wide expectations and rules. Appropriate behavior is acknowledged after the fact. The rewards are earned, not offered as payoff in exchange for good behavior.

A = Accountability
W = We are respectful
S = Stay Safe

Classroom Rules

P= Do Your Best Work!

A= Focus on Yourself! Be on task! Always follow directions!

W= Listen! Be a problem solver!

S= Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself!

Hall Rules

P= Walk with hands in pockets/behind your back.

A= Have a book to read before class in the morning. Go directly to assigned destination in a timely manner.

W= Walk quietly.

S= Walk one behind the other. Allow for personal space.

Cafeteria Rules

P= Keep your area clean.

A= Know your lunch number.

W= Use a quiet voice in the cafeteria. Use proper table manners.

S= Students will walk in line with two hands holding tray.

Playground Rules

P= Show good sportsmanship.

A= Line up when teacher signals.

W= Take turns when using equipment.

S= Use equipment appropriately. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

Bus Rules

P= Leopard Prowl!

A= Watch, listen for buses to be announced. Arrive on time.

W= Use polite language. Use an inside voice.

S= Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

Single School Culture




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