1. Children learn best in a positive, well-organized, stimulating classroom, school and home environment.
2. No child should be allowed to continually disrupt the learning environment of other children.
3. The help of the parents/guardians is essential in overcoming behavior problems.
4. Children are inherently good; only behaviors are “inappropriate”.
5. There is a high correlation between self-concept and behavior.
6. Consistency in dealing with children is important.
7. Success breeds success.


CHAMPs Expectations
Weatherbee Elementary incorporated the CHAMPs Program since 2009 into the daily guidelines of student expectations school-wide. We continue using the program today as it has proven to increase focus and therefore achievement.

Each letter serves as a reminder to students of the type of behavior that should be seen in any given situation so that maximum learning as well as a safe and caring environment will be displayed. Please review these basic CHAMPs expectations with your child as we move through the school year in order to ensure the greatest learning experience for your child.

C = Conversation (At what voice level should I be speaking?)
H = Help (How do I signal that I need help during this activity?)
A = Activity (What activity are we participating in at this time?)
M = Movement (What movement is permitted during this activity?)
P = Participation (How will others know I am participating in an
appropriate manner during this activity?)
S = Success with S.A.I.L