Weatherbee Elementary  has been a PBIS Gold

School for 5 consecutive years!

PBS is an ongoing process that is evaluated to determine the need for adaptations. The PBS Core team meets on at least a monthly basis to analyze discipline data and make meaningful, strategic decisions.  At Weatherbee Elementary, Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is a collaborative, team-based, educative, proactive, and functional process to develop effective interventions for inappropriate behavior. Our PBS Core Team is representative of the entire school staff and formed by administrators, a guidance counselor, a primary teacher, an intermediate teacher, and an ESE teacher. The team has received training on each component of PBS. The team developed each step of the process and presented it to the staff before implementation. The PBS plan has also been presented to the School Advisory Council for their feedback and suggestions.

The goal of the team is to develop a system that facilitates positive behavior change in our students and staff. The system’s goal is to reduce the number of inappropriate behaviors occurring across campus by educating students and staff and by reinforcing appropriate behaviors. The role of the PBS team is to develop, review and maintain a school-wide PBS plan. A consistent discipline referral and procedures process has been developed throughout the school. Use of school-wide expectations and rules in specific settings are established to teach students appropriate behaviors. A reward system to encourage appropriate behavior and effective consequences to discourage inappropriate behaviors is also in place.

Staff and students are also surveyed for their input. This information is used to develop effective interventions to decrease inappropriate behavior and increase desired behavior across the campus.
Weatherbee Elementary’s school-wide PBS plan ensures that children have the opportunity to develop the skills and behaviors that will enable them to realize success as responsible adults. The plan focuses on four major expectations with specific behaviors for each as presented in the  S A I L  Expectations and Rules Matrix below. S A I L is an acronym for Self-Control, Acts Responsibly, Is Respectful and Learn. Standards have been developed that will help students accept responsibility for their behaviors. This plan also encourages parents to become actively involved in the education of their children.

On a daily basis students are recognized for demonstrating the S A I L expectations through verbal praise and rewarding of Mariner Money. The Mariner Money is used to purchase various incentives such as a pencil, small toy, or extra computer time. Classes are also recognized when each student in a class demonstrates the S A I L  expectations by earning Class Conch Coins. These coins may be used to reward student behavior by purchasing class-wide rewards such as additional recess time or a pizza party.