Lightin It for Andrew 2016

Click on the above link and you will find the annual fund raiser flyer and entry form for the Andrew Schmeer Foundation. 

This event provides the opportunity to get out and get some exercise while socializing and raising funds for well deserved scholarships for our St. Lucie County students.



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Floresta’s PTO meets the first Wednesday of every month at 3:30pm.  Join us for our next meeting:

  • March 2nd
  • 3:30pm
  • Floresta’s Media Center



Upcoming Fundraisers:




Membership in the PTO is open to all teachers, staff, administrators, and parents/guardians or family of students enrolled at Floresta.

MISSION: To promote welfare of children through school and community. To provide financial aide in supplemental projects which benefit Floresta’s students educational and social development and promote school spirit. Also, to serve as a forum for communication among parents, teacher, administrators, and the St Lucie County School Board.

The PTO has provided financial support for:

  • Table/benches for the outdoor classroom
  • Upgrade for the sound system in the cafeteria
  • Backdrop materials for drama productions
  • Turning Technology Response Systems
  • FCAT Snacks (annually)
  • Books for media and classrooms
  • Student and Staff recognitions (annually)

PTO Officers:

  • President – Stacey Cuff
  • Vice President – Aimee Boyd/Christina Landgren
  • Secretary – Michelle Johnson/Jennie Armstrong
  • Treasurer – Fallon Andre

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