TOPS:  Any collared shirt, in any color, with sleeves and neckline that does not reveal cleavage. DCEC Phoenix School T-shirt can be worn at any time.

Note:  ALL shirts must be tucked in at the waist.


BOTTOMS: Solid color pants.   Shorts and skirts must be solid in color and past finger tip length and at least 3 inches from knee.

Note:  ALL pants/shorts/skirts must be worn at the natural waist. Jeans must be solid in color and can not have tears, frays, holes, or chains.  No visible display of underwear.


Dress: Must have sleeves, not tight fitting, and must be to the knee in length.

BELTS: Belts must be worn if there are belt loops.


SHOES:  Shoes must have a back strap.


JACKETS: Sweaters or jackets without hood.




Athletic shorts, spandex, sweats, or tight fitting apparel, flip flops, slides or slippers, backpacks, rosary beads, flags, camouflage, and metal hair picks, hats and bandannas.  Headbands are to be worn to hold hair back only.


Dress code violation:  The following consequences will apply:


1st offense: Silent lunch detention the next day.

2nd offense: Silent lunch detention the next 3 day

3rd offense: Silent lunch detention next 5 days.

Repeat offenders will require a parent meeting at school.