In order to promote a positive learning environment, the students of Dale Cassens Educational Complex are required to adhere to the dress code below. The Admin team will make the final decision with questions regarding dress code.

All Students Must:

Be covered from shoulders to knees in “school appropriate” clothing. Holes or tears above the knee must be covered by fabric (sewn-in material or tights underneath).

The following MAY NOT BE WORN:

1. No hooded attire- jackets, sweatshirts, or shirts.

2. Head covering of any kind; including but not limited to, hats, caps/shower caps, bandanas, du rags, beanies, handkerchiefs.

3. Sleeveless shirts, tanks, or camisole tops or shirts that expose the midriff or cleavage (crop tops), or shirts with cutouts.

4. Tights, leggings, pajama pants/onesies, or yoga pants.

5. Clothing, jewelry and/or accessories that display tobacco, alcohol and/or drug advertisements (including lighter leashes).

6. Any writing/logos, language, phrases, symbols, pictures, and/or insignias that are obscene, gang related, or deemed inappropriate/derogatory/distracting by the administration, or their designee.

7. Any article of clothing, jewelry or accessories deemed inappropriate and/or a safety hazard by the administration/designee including sunglasses, bandanas, belts, bracelets, and collars with spikes, dog collars, chains, etc.

8. Bedroom slippers.

9. No sheer/see-through low-cut shirts, blouses, dresses, or clothing of any kind.

10. Dresses or skirts with slits above the knee.

11. Any item at all that is deemed inappropriate for the school setting by the administration/designee.

Dale Cassens is a bag free campus (No bookbags, purses, gym bags, etc).

Dress Code Violation Consequences per semester (counts go back to zero at the start of each semester):

1st and 2nd OFFENSE: Warning only, if corrected.

3rd and 4th OFFENSE: Lunch Detention and parent contact.

5th OFFENSE: Full day BIC

6th OFFENSE: Mandatory parent conference. More severe disciplinary consequences may apply to students that continuously violate the dress code.

Cell Phone Expectations:

Phones, if brought to school, will be collected and safely stored until the end of the day, where the cell phones will be returned.