The goal of Exceptional Student Education in St. Lucie County is to ensure that all students, including those with individualized needs can graduate from safe and caring schools. Together with the Florida Department of Education, a committed alliance is formed for the development of the unique gifts of each exceptional student, and a commitment to ensure the achievement of every student’s distinctive and extraordinary purpose by creating and expanding opportunities through family collaboration with teachers, service providers, health professionals, and community resources in effort to yield the highest expectations and degree of individual success.

Psychological Services

Psychological services at Dale Cassens include counseling, consultation and assessment. Counseling is primarily offered for students with behavioral problems in individual sessions each week. Consultation occurs with the mental health and state agencies as well as school district staff.

Speech/Language Therapy

Speech/Language therapy provides a wide range of services including screening students, diagnostic testing, student placement, parent and teacher consultations, teacher collaboration, and speech and language therapy targeting articulation/phonology, language, voice, and fluency. Speech therapy addresses speech intelligibility and appropriate voice utilization. Language therapy addresses utilization of functional and social language skills as well as complex and targeted rules for syntax, semantics, and pragmatic development.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy provides functionally based interventions to allow a student to adapt to his/her educational environment. The areas emphasized in the Occupational Therapy are positioning, self help skills, visual motor, visual perceptual, and fine motor functioning.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy provides functionally based interventions to maintain a student’s ability to adapt to his/her environment. The areas emphasized in Physical Therapy are mobility, positioning, and gross motor functioning.