Welcome to Performance Based Preparatory Academy. I am honored and excited to serve as principal of the school. We are a St. Lucie County public school, designed to meet the individual academic needs of students through online coursework. Our online experience is supplemented with a variety of classroom activities designed to enhance student understanding of Florida Standards.

Our small, intimate campus setting allows students to recover failed credits, and earn additional credits to earn a State of Florida high school diploma in a personal high school setting. Certified subject matter instructors also provide instructional assistance in the classroom.

Our high school experience includes:
– Class discussions and guided practice with concepts
– Lab experiences
– Differentiation through student study groups, one-on-one sessions and online tutorials
– Individual pacing, allowing students to progress with comfort and competency
– Connections to life-long learning through college and career opportunities

Performance Base Preparatory Academy – Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges