Students can complete required high school credits at their own pace, but are still required to earn 3 ½ credits each semester.


  • Completed all middle school credits

Admission Requirements

Students who have completed at least one semester of high school may apply.

The application includes academic, attendance and discipline history and test results.

The admission process is governed by an Intake Committee and the placement reflects the program objectives, as well as a guard for the gender equity and ethnic makeup of the district.

Computer assisted instruction (CAI) provides an alternative to the traditional classroom through Edgenuity.
In addition, we offer FSA and EOC preparation.

Dual Enrollment Programs

The Dual Enrollment Program is offered through a partnership with Indian River State College and have a cooperative agreement whereby eligible high school students may enroll in certain college courses. Credits earned may be applied for both high school and college purposes. Performance Based Diploma Program students take approved courses through this program and attend high school and college simultaneously.

Dual enrollment courses are vocational courses in which the student can receive high school and college credit if the student earns a grade of “C” or better. A three-credit college course is equivalent to .5 high school credit. Students must be aware that dual enrollment coursework is college level work and the student is expected to be motivated, self-directed, and adept at time management.

Eligibility varies, please see the Guidance Director.

Registration Procedures:

  • Student meets with high school counselor to verify eligibility for enrollment in a dual enrollment course.
  • Student and counselor select appropriate course(s) for enrollment.
  • Student completes a dual enrollment application from the college and has it signed by his/her parent and high school principal/designee.
  • To drop, add, or withdraw from a dual enrollment class, the student must meet with high school counselor.
  • Upon withdrawal from or completion of the course, the student must return all dual enrollment books.