Our Vision

A Performance Based Preparatory Academy education is built on the idea that each student is unique and learns best through an individualized plan. PBPA blends academic studies using a web based platform along with cooperative learning resources in preparing all students to be college and career ready. 

Our Mission

The mission of Performance Based Preparatory Academy is to ensure that all students graduate from our safe and caring school, equipped with the knowledge, academic skills, and the desire to succeed as life-long learners, and positive contributors in our diverse society. 

Our School

  • has voluntary enrollment
  • consists of state certified teachers in each subject area
  • encourages students to master the subjects needed for graduation
  • creates educational plan for each student to graduate in a timely manner
  • helps students resolve personal and social conflicts which affect attitude and attendance
  • empowers students to take responsibility for their future
  • provides flexibility in scheduling to meet students’ needs
  • emphasizes core academic curriculum and testing as required by the state of Florida
  • includes parent involvement through progress monitoring and communication with teachers
  • stresses Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to support character development