Dress Code

Shirts – Long sleeve/short sleeve, polo style and T-shirts are allowed. Logo on shirts must be presentable as to not offend anyone or any group.
Bottoms – pants, jeans, shorts on the natural hip/waist with belt. No slits, holes, or cuts.
Leggings, jeggings, knit or Brazilian pants, yoga/spandex pants/tights, are allowed as long as the shirt or sweater is at thigh length.
Skirts/skorts/dresses – must be knee length.
Shoes – loafers, sneakers, shoes or sandals must be worn. Sandals must have a strapped back. NO FLIP FLOPS OR SLIDES OF ANY KIND ARE PERMISSIBLE.
Accessories – No hats, bandanas, or sweatbands are to be worn in the building.
Jackets – hoodies jackets are allowed, but hoodies are not to be on the head while in the building.

School Supplies

– One 3 inch 3 ring binder
– Dividers
– Notebook paper
– Pens
– Pencils
– Earbuds/Headphones (NO BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES)
– Clear/Mesh Backpack

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones proven to be a huge factor in students’ academic achievement and progress.
PBPA has cell phone lockers that students are REQUIRED TO USE EVERY DAY IN EACH CLASS. Our cell phone lockers have the capability to charge phones while they are locked up. Students need to provide cube and charging cord.
Students are required to “lock up” their phone at the beginning of each period and will then retrieve their phones at the end of the period. In their next class, students are expected and required to do the same routine.
Students may use their cell phones during breakfast and lunch. They can be used for texting, listening to music with headphones, etc. No calls or videoing should be taking place when the phones are in use. If students need to make a call, they are to use the student phone located at the front desk.
If student’s fail to adhere to the cell phone policy, the following consequences are in place:
– Meeting with the principal
– Call home for phone to be picked up or to remain in the locker for the remainder of the day
– Loss of privileges during breakfast and lunch
If you have any questions/concerns about this policy, please contact the school.