Open House

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open house


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2016-2017 Dress Code

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updated dress code


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AP Literature & Composition

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Click the above link for the summer assignment for AP Literature & Composition

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AP Language & Composition

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ap_lang_comp summer

TTC Assignment

Click the above link for the AP English Language and Composition Summer Reading Assignment

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Destinatiion Graduation

Practice in Gym: Friday, 13 May 2016 – 1:30pm

Cap & Gown pickup and Senior Checkout info:

13 May 8am-1pm: Last names A-J
16 May 8am-1pm: Last names K-Z
We will be closed for lunch 10:45-11:15am BOTH days.

  1. EVERYONE is required to go through the checkout process, even if you are choosing to not walk.
    2. We hold it during Cap & Gown pickup.
    3. YES you must wait in the same line as everyone else.
    4. I have no idea how long it will take, so don’t ask.
    5. Cords will be sold during this time.
    6. Obligations will be checked and cleared during this time.
    7. If you have not turned in a completed Graduation Contract, you will NOT be allowed to go through the process.
    8. NO you are not allowed to pick up someone else’s because they “have to work”. This is THREE WEEKS notice.. Arrange your work schedule accordingly.


Practice at Adam’s Arena: Thursday, 19 May 2016 at 8am.

Tickets will be given out at this practice.

Graduation: Friday, 20 May 2016 at 7pm.

Graduation Dress Code:
Boys – must wear dark dress pants and dark dress shoes.
i.If you show up in inappropriate shoes, you will be given the option to leave or cover them with black tape.
ii. If you show up in jeans, you will be given the option to leave, or we will fit you with used pants from Goodwill.
iii. Wear a solid color dress shirt.
iv. A tie is optional.

  1. Ladies – Remember this is formal ceremony not a formal DANCE, and it is most definitely not a CLUB. Please wear ceremony appropriate clothing.
    i. If you are dressed inappropriately, you will not be allowed to walk.
    ii. Dress bottom must not show below gown. If your sleeves show below the gown sleeves, they must be dark blue or black.
    iii. Shoes: NO BOOTS, NO TENNIS SHOES, NO KEDS & NO FLIP FLOPS!!! Remember that you WILL be walking quite a distance on an uneven surface. You will be walking up and down grated stairs and across a stage. Please wear shoes that you can walk in and not look ridiculous. If you are not used to wearing heels, you will walk funny and I will laugh. If you want to wear heels, my suggestion is to at least make them wedges to provide stability. AND PRACTICE. The only shoe requirement is that they MUST have a back strap. If they do not, you will be given the option to not walk, or have us tape them to your ankle.
    iv. Makeup – it will be hot.. Don’t cake it on or you will sweat it off.
    v. Hair – it will be hot.. Keep that in mind if you have long thick hair.. It will just make you hotter.

Just a reminder that you and your parent signed a contract agreeing to follow the dress code, not decorate your cap, etc.. Therefore, understand that you will be banned from the ceremony if you refuse to follow the rules.


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2017 Senior Pictures

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