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  • The Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) is an advanced academic curriculum and assessment program written and administered by the University of Cambridge in England.
  • AICE program courses and examinations may be offered during grades 9 through 12.
  • Students taking courses at the AICE level will sit for an exam at the end of the school year.  If the student passes the exam, the student will earn college credit.
  • AICE also provides students with the skills required to be successful in college and in future careers by developing analytical and critical thinking skills.
  • FLEXIBILITY is the key benefit of AICE because students can tailor their courses to their academic strengths and interests.
  • Most colleges and universities accept AICE credits.
  • CIE publishes a list on their website of U.S. universities that have provided written statements of their AICE recognition policy.

go to: www.cie.org.uk and search for recognition to see if your college of interest is listed)



There are two tracks that students can follow:

  • Students can take one or several AICE courses to earn college credit without necessarily earning the AICE diploma.  Students select AICE courses to register for, and if the student successfully passes the course and the AICE exam at the end of the school year, the student will earn college credit.   Or,
  • Students can work towards earning the AICE Diploma.

Students not working toward the AICE Diploma will receive General Certificate of Education (GCE) subject certificates for examinations passed.

To earn the AICE Diploma, the student must complete 7 courses and pass the 7 exams for each course.  This must be done within a three period.  It is quite possible for a freshman to start taking AICE courses in 9th grade and have an AICE Diploma awarded by the end of 11th grade.

Benefits of AICE

Colleges know that AICE is a four year program with a proven international curriculum. They also know that students have been working at an advanced college prep level beginning in the 9th or 10th grade.  For this reason colleges look favorably on AICE students because they value the depth and breadth of AICE course of study.

Earning an AICE diploma and completing 100 hours of community service hours guarantees the Florida Bright Futures scholarship. (Please note that the 100 hours of community service is not an AICE requirement; it is a Bright Futures Scholarship Requirement).  The Bright Futures award is based on receiving the diploma and not on the SAT or ACT score that the student achieved.


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Cambridge Brochure

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AICE Teachers:
Nancy ManassehAICE Thinking Skills & AICE English General Paper
Brenda McGriffAICE English General Paper
Charles CastleAICE European History
Kathy BeckettAICE English General Paper & AICE Global Perspectives
Karla GiamettaAICE Art and Design
Amy NeunerAICE English Language
Pam KaiserAICE English Literature
Ken SkurnickAICE US History & AICE Media Studies
Peggy RadtkeAICE Environmental Management & AICE Sports & PE
Mala WoessnerAICE Sociology & AICE Psychology
Lea-Ann WillemsAICE Marine Science
Josephine GuerraAICE Spanish Language

For more information contact:

Lea-Ann Willems

SLW Centennial High School AICE Coordinator

1485 SW Cashmere BLVD

Port St. Lucie, FL 34983

1-772-344-4400 (ext: 8430)