Recommendation Letter Request


Complete form and either print and turn in or email it to your counselor.

Students must give 2 weeks notice for recommendation requests.

Transcript Request Form



Please read carefully before submitting.

You may only request transcripts once you have completed your application to the college.

If you are requesting transcripts to be sent to a college listed below it will be sent ELECTRONICALLY. PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST A HARD COPY for these colleges. Hard copies are only for colleges that are not listed.
Transcript Request for Seniors

College Selections

Select the school(s) you need your transcripts sent to. Transcripts can only be sent to schools for which you have already completed an application.
If your college is listed as an option below, your transcript will be sent ELECTRONICALLY.
If your college is NOT listed below, skip to the next section.

If your college was not listed above, or if you need transcripts for Military, Upward Bound, Scholarships, etc., you can request hard copies below.  You will be notified via EMAIL when your hard copy(ies) are ready for you to pick up from N-112.   DO NOT REQUEST IN THIS SECTION IF YOUR COLLEGE WAS LISTED ABOVE.

It is your responsibility to mail these transcripts to colleges.
Hard copies are free for students and limited to 2 at a a time.
Enter number below of how many copies you will need from 0-2.