For Dual Enrollment Questions, please contact:

Dual Enrollment Eligibility Requirements


Completion of 4.0 core (or world language) high school credits
□ Cumulative grade point average 3.0 or above (unweighted)
□ Qualifying test scores
□ On track to graduate with, or ahead of, cohort

Learn More

Check out the IRSC Dual Enrollment Brochure for information about the program, benefits, and requirements.

Review the IRSC’s Dual Enrollment Course Listing to see classes offered.

Talk to your family and/or school counselor to discuss your future goals and determine if dual enrollment is the right option for you.

Next Steps

You must first carefully read and Complete the County Academic Dual Enrollment Agreement Form, then EMAIL it to Ms. Markowitz at

After you have submitted the form to Ms. Markowitz, you will receive an email outlining the next steps

Watch the step-by-step online guide that illustrates the IRSC online  application process.

Go to IRSC’s Dual Enrollment website  and click application for admission to create an account and apply online.

Check your email for information about next steps and uploading your Dual Enrollment Program Agreement. Although the form asks for a Principal or Designee signature, this is NOT required and your Principal/Counselor DOES NOT need to sign. Upload the form with Parent and Student signature only!