Innovative, engaging, differentiated, standards-based instruction

Morningside is the oldest school in Port Saint Lucie and has a long, deeply rooted tradition of excellence. Our gifted program is noted for its rigor and relevance. The Odyssey of the Mind program is world renowned and continues to challenge students to think. With the partnering of students, staff, and parents, the vision of the school community thrives. Instruction is traditional yet, innovative, engaging, differentiated, standards-based and designed to meet the needs of each student. Teachers are experienced, skilled in their craft, and have a deep pedagogy which helps to ensure student achievement.

Does school supply shopping feel like a hassle or a chore you just avoid to get done?? If so, we have the perfect solution!

This year Morningside has teamed up with SchoolReady to provide our families with a hassle-free back to school shopping experience. There is no need to worry about waiting in lines, stressing about sold out items or bringing the supplies to school.

With SchoolReady you place your order and everything will be labeled for your student and delivered to our school! And as an added bonus, MSE will receive a portion of the proceeds which will go towards student and staff incentives!! Simply right click the image below and select open link in new tab (or window) and get sent directly to our school’s shopping page 🙂