Username and Password

Before you can use Family Access you must have a Username and password for your new account. After filling out the School Family Access form, you must go to your child’s school to have your account activated by showing a picture id for verification. Parent Portal credentials from previous years will not work.

Getting Started

The Family Access Portal can be accessed at:

Once there, please bookmark the site or add it to your favorites for easy access. Your new username and password should work, but in the event you have a problem, please contact your child’s school for assistance.

Family Access Mobile


Why should I use Family Access?

Family Access is a web based tool designed to enhance parent/guardian and school communication. Your use of the Family Access website is voluntary.


I have more than one student in the district, will I need multiple passwords?

No. Using one password you can access records for all of your students, even if they are attending different schools within the district.


Can other people see my child’s personal information on Family Access?

Family Access is password protected. As long as you keep your password safe it is highly unlikely that anyone else will be able to access or view your child’s personal information.


When I log on to Family Access, I lose my connection after three to five minutes. Why?

Family Access has a default security setting that will terminate your connection if your computer is idle for longer than three to five minutes. This feature is designed to protect against unauthorized access and can not be changed.


Are all of St. Lucie Public Schools using Family Access?

Each school provides Family Access as a service to parents and guardians, but the information provided by each school will vary depending on the age of the student and the type of information available.


I have forgotten my username and/or lost my password, what should I do?

On the Login screen, please click the Forgot my Login/Password link. Fill in your email address and if you have an email address on file, then your username and password will be emailed to you. If you do not receive the email, or accidentally lock your account from too many login attempts, please contact your child’s school to assist you with resetting it.


With all the talk about Internet safety and security, how do I know Family Access is safe?

Family Access uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption as the security layer for data presented on the Web. This is the same encryption system used by sites that accept credit card numbers and other personal data that must be secure. Each individual, whether student, parent, or staff member, must be given a username and password and be designated as a member of a household linked to a student in order to view Family Access information.