Our goal at St. Lucie West K-8 School is to continue to provide excellent teaching and learning experiences for students.

Located in Port St. Lucie, we offer high standard academic courses with a strong emphasis placed on reading, writing and technology. Each classroom is equipped with student computer workstations and supervised Internet access. A variety of academic and elective courses are available to enable students to make good, sound choices about their future, and to instill in them the desire for lifelong learning.



  • 1501 SW Cashmere Boulevard
  • Port St. Lucie, FL 34986
  • Office: (772) 785-6630
  • Fax: (772) 785-6632


Colors: Blue, Silver and Black


Mascot: Shark


Motto: Offering an Ocean of Learning Opportunities


School Hours:

  • Regular School Day – 9:30 am – 4:00 pm
  • Early Dismissal Day – 9:30 am – 2:00 pm


Office Hours:  8:30 am – 4:45 pm


Core Business

The CORE BUSINESS of St. Lucie County Schools is to create challenging, engaging and satisfying work for every student, every day.


Mission Statement

Our mission at St. Lucie West K-8 School is to ensure a safe, challenging and engaging learning environment, tailored to individual student needs, while preparing for future success.


Vision Statement

St. Lucie West K-8 School will provide a high-quality education to a diverse community of lifelong learners where all share the responsibility of learning.


Belief Statements

St. Lucie West K-8 School believes:

  • all students can be successful learners
  • professional staff development enhances a quality school
  • parent and community involvement enhance student achievement
  • a safe and secure environment is essential for teaching and learning, and
  • technology is an integral part of the learning process.