Eagle’s Nest Preschool

Our school is located in the northwest corner of the St. Lucie West Centennial High School building.

Hours of Operation are: 6:30 am – 4:00 pm Class instructional time begins at 8:30 am and lasts until 3:00 pm.


Barbara Serynek Director & High School Teacher  (772) 344-4446
Ramona Rowe Pre-Kindergarten Teacher  (772) 344-4460
Norma Rodriguez Classroom Assistant  (772) 344-4460
Myrna Rosen Classroom Assistant  (772) 344-4460
Greta Wester High School Teacher  (772) 344-4460 x8405
Jennifer Metevia-Caruso Speech Therapist  (772) 344-4445


Eagles Nest Preschool is accredited by:

NAEYC – National Association for the Education of Young Children

DCF – Gold Seal Quality of Care


Mission Statement

At Eagles Nest Preschool our goal is to provide an enriching and safe learning environment that is filled with motivating experiences so that all children will develop a strong foundation on which to build future educational success.


The educational philosophy of Eagles Nest Preschool seeks to provide a quality program enriched with a variety of teaching styles and learning experiences that prepare children for Kindergarten.

Our curriculum is based on Piaget’s theory of the Interactional Approach to child development. We provide developmentally appropriate and challenging activities that enhance a child’s physical, emotional, intellectual and social well-being.

We believe that early skills are learned best through a fine balance of self exploration, direct instruction activities, hands-ons activities, songs, stories, art projects, cooking projects, gross-motor and fine-motor activities.

The school is well equipped with a variety of materials which are both fun and educational for children. The staff is caring, nurturing and energetic.


Eagles Nest Preschool operates on the St. Lucie County School Board calendar. This school is closed when the St. Lucie County public schools are closed.


$100 weekly tuition includes:

  • Preschool Activities
  • Hot lunch prepared by the high school cafeteria staff
  • Morning and afternoon snacks
  • A large clean facility with a large variety of material

Curriculum Schedule & Skill Development

Our day includes:

  • Circle Time
  • Small Groups
  • Story Time
  • Music Time
  • Centers
  • Lunch Time
  • Outside Play Time
  • Snack Time
  • Rest Time
Skill Development:

  • Pre-Reading
  • Pre-Math
  • Pre-Writing
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Language
  • Socialization
  • Computers

Program Information

Eagles Nest Preschool is a laboratory preschool classroom for high school students who are enrolled in the Early Childhood Educational Academy. These students study developmentally appropriate practices for children from birth to age 12, and earn industry certifications. It provides the high school students the opportunity to observe a real classroom setting, acquire positive interaction with our students, and learn from our creative teachers.

  • Age range is 3-5 years old. Children must be potty trained and independent in toileting.
  • Adult to child ratio is 1:7.
  • One classroom with 21 students.
  • Highly qualified Prekindergarten teacher with Bachelor’s degree and 27 years teaching experience.
  • 2 full-time instructional assistants.
  • 2-4 high school interns available periodically to observe or provide classroom assistance.
  • Fast-paced, creative pre-academic curriculum utilized during daily instructional time.
  • Highly qualified Prekindergarten Teacher with CDA, Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education & Early Childhood, and National Board Certification in Early Childhood.


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